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968 S. Deerfield Ave.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441


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1 review

    Garry promised and DID not deliver…We were left trying to find a car trailer to tow our vehicle because he couldn’t get a truck to us on the day he promised.
    On Saturday,the day they were to pick up the car,we couldn’t even get him on the phone either,that is until my wife blocked his caller ID and then he picked up first ring.
    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They had two weeks to schedule us a truck.
    and couldn’t get it done.
    Good thing we could find a car trailer on a SUNDAY..even though I had to travel 5 hr round trip to pick it up and it only put us behind by ONE day.
    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gary has the mouth of Satan,not only lies but he handled this in a cruel way,letting us believe he had a driver/Co.and then the day before pick up his office help would not tell us at that time they had no pick up for our car,we called all day-GARY WAS OUT IS WHAT THEY SAID,WE CALLED GARY’S CELL PHONE NO RESPONSE UNTIL THE NO. WAS BLOCKED.This is not acceptable,no one should treated in such a manner.Then it takes up to 10 days for a refund.what a loser of a person.SHAME IS GOING TO RAIN UPON YOU LIKE A THUNDERSTORM.

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