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National Car Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5

National Car Transport

1800 NW 135 AVE BAY #106
MIAMI, FL 33182

USDOT#: 2231970
MC#: MC-481210

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car transport review

7 reviews

    Fraudulent company Bate and Switch!
    Contacted for $550 2 months in advance reconfirmed the day before. Told me and sent a notification that the truck would be their 9:45am to 10:45am called after 11 am $550 was now $900 and not today maybe tomorrow maybe later in the week, couldn’t say when needed to find a car carrier. Car now stuck in Florida 6 days later, after fighting said would give full refund but didn’t. Tim the rep is a.liar with not shame, Complete scam Beware!!!

    My experience with National Car Transport was subpar. Fortunately, my vehicle arrived unscathed which is a positive aspect. Moreover, Kelly proved to be extremely helpful and responsive in addressing all of my preliminary concerns.

    However, I must mention that Kelly had informed me that my car would be picked up within a 2-day period which was not the case. The dispatcher didn’t even bother to inform me of his absence on that particular Saturday!

    Additionally, neither Kelly nor her manager communicated with me regarding the delay, which is very unprofessional. Subsequently, another dispatcher informed me that the delay was even more prolonged than the original.

    As a consequence, my car arrived cross country so late that I had to rent a car for my first week of work. National Car Transport only refunded me my $100 deposit which did not cover the expenses incurred for the entire week of renting the car.

    Furthermore, the driver was unable to lock the doors of my car and the other car on the trailer as it would set off the alarm. This made no sense and I rang Kelly immediately. She was unaware of why the driver had stated that and asked him to lock the doors. It was concerning to hear such misinformation.

    Also, I would like to know why the drivers felt the need to steal my “Armor all” wipes?! Thankfully, that was the only item taken, but theft should not be tolerated, especially when they are mere $6.00 wipes from amazon. If National Car Transport cannot deliver my car on time, there is no need for them to pilfer my cleaning wipes for their truck and not make amends.

    I made a call to this company on December 23, 2022, as I needed my truck and personal belongings to be moved. The process was initially reassuring, and I decided to proceed with National. However, despite being informed that my truck would be picked up by Friday and arrive within 1-2 weeks, this did not happen. I made repeated calls for updates, and as of today, January 26, 2023, my truck has only just arrived. I am owed a refund of $300 for the initially quoted $200 tow truck fee, as well as the $450 paid to the company. It is unacceptable that National delayed for so long, and I can only hope that my belongings are undamaged when I retrieve my truck. Unfortunately, I have lost much in the meantime, including being evicted and having both of my cars repossessed. The few possessions left in my truck are all that remain of my previous life.

    A friend recommended their services, but we had a terrible experience with them. We tried to book their services twice, but both times they canceled our appointments after setting a day and time. During the second attempt, we were about to head out to the airport to catch a flight, and they promised that they would pick up the car in time. However, the night before, they called to inform us that they wouldn’t be able to show up until the next afternoon – 7 hours after the rescheduled time. My husband had to drive the car back for 17 hours because we would have missed our flight. The dispatchers and driver had limited English proficiency, and one of the dispatchers even suggested leaving the car with the keys on the seat at a random gas station for the driver to eventually pick it up. This “service” came at a price of $1200, and we would never use them again.

    The service was extremely dissatisfying as I had to pay a fee of 300-500$ for them to arrange a driver to collect my car. However, they failed to follow through with their commitment of performing the task, as after receiving the payment, they did not contribute towards any of the work. The responsibility of paying the driver and port charges fell upon me. There was no communication from the company’s end, and the driver even arrived two days later than the agreed-upon time. I had to call National Car Transport multiple times to inquire about the status of my car, and they did not provide any update. Following the shipment of my car, I did not receive any notification from the company, and my car arrived in Hawaii without any intimation from their end. Therefore, in terms of service, National Car Transport was terrible as they took my money, and I had to take up the entire burdensome task myself. I would advise everyone not to utilize the services of this company.

    Personally, I am not inclined to provide lengthy and detailed reviews, particularly for a deceitful company like this one. When I visited their website to figure out the cost of transporting a car from Roswell, GA 30076 to Miami, FL 33182, the figures were nearly 30% higher than the industry average. Consequently, I scoured through alternatives until a representative from the company reached out to me to advise the quote was incorrect. They then offered me a new quotation that was well below the competition’s average, and the pickup and delivery estimates were the best worldwide. I agreed to use their services.

    However, on the day the pickup was scheduled, nobody turned up, and my phone calls were left unanswered. The contact number I had for the driver was incorrect. When I contacted Gary Cooper, who gave me the fantastic figures, he explained that the car would be picked up in a few hours and urged me to remain calm. To cut the long story short, the company subcontracted for the pickup did not show up, and even though they had canceled the service, National Car Transport® continued to pretend that they would provide the service.

    At this point, I decided to contact another company, which my dealer had recommended, and they conveniently picked up the car the next day and delivered it to me in perfect condition the following day. In light of the dishonesty demonstrated by Gary Cooper and National Car Transport┬«, I requested a refund of my $200 deposit and cancellation of the service. Nevertheless, Gary informed me that I would get the refund on or before September 10th, but a week later, I still haven’t received anything. Consequently, I have initiated a Credit Card Claim and will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau tomorrow.

    Avoid National Auto Transport at all costs! Despite their “A” rating on Angie’s List, my experience with this company was a disaster. After agreeing on a reasonable price to transport my car from New Jersey to my new home in Florida, I was told that a driver would be arranged and I wouldn’t hear from them until a few days before the pick-up date. However, two days before the agreed-upon date, I still hadn’t heard from them, so I contacted a representative named Leo Rubio. He informed me that a driver had been found and that he would either pick up my car on Friday or Saturday. Nevertheless, I received a call from the driver himself at 7:00 AM on Friday morning, informing me that he was already on my street to pick up the car. Upon signing the driver’s paperwork, I realized that he was charging me an additional $75 on top of the agreed-upon price with National Auto Transport. Moreover, the driver informed me that he wouldn’t be able to deliver my car until the following Thursday, despite originally promising delivery by Monday. When I reached out to Rubio, he dodged my questions and failed to provide me with a satisfactory explanation for the discrepancies. As of today, I still haven’t received the $75 credit that Rubio assured me I would receive. To make matters worse, my car was delivered four days late and was covered in bugs. Save yourself the trouble and steer clear of this company!

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