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Mercury Auto Transport

4.2 Stars out of 5

Mercury Auto Transport is a reliable and trusted automobile transportation company which specializes in the transportation of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles. With their high-quality services, professional staff, and exceptional customer service, Mercury Auto Transport is a leading name in the transportation industry.

Overall, Mercury Auto Transport is an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable and trustworthy automobile transportation services. With their extensive range of services, comprehensive insurance coverage, and exceptional customer service, they are a leading name in the vehicle transportation industry. So if you need to transport your vehicle, consider trusting Mercury Auto Transport with the job.

2240 SW 70 AVE
DAVIE, FL 33317

USDOT#: 2242305
MC#: MC-647319

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5 reviews

    Mercury was great helping me transport my Lexus from FL to TX. My agent Matt was knowledgeable and was there to answer all of my questions throughout the entire process. Very pleased with the service I received. Highly Recommend!

    My agent Matt was amazing in helping me transport my Lexus from FL to TX. Very knowledgeable and was there every step of the process to answer all of my questions. Highly recommend!

    This was the first experience that my wife and I had with an auto transport service. Mercury personnel were personable and helpful. For example, they provided a comprehensive summary of the process and were both patient and understanding in response to our additional questions. Also of note is that Mercury personnel provided useful information in order to have an effective interaction with the actual transporter. We were assigned A&B Bird Trucking. The actual transporter (Adrian O.) was also personable, seemingly straight-forward, and understanding of our anxieties. Our vehicle arrived within the scheduled delivery time-frame, without damage. Moreover, the transporter was considerate and tried to deliver as promptly as possible so that we did not have to unnecessarily rent a car.

    Watch out for these guys! They over promise and under deliver. They played numerous bait and switch techniques when delivering my car. Mike Bennett quoted me $300 total and told me it would probably be closer to $250. The first contract I signed was for $300 total. When I called the carrier to see if they picked up my car, they said they told Mercury they could NOT handle this route but led me to believe they had my car. They even gave me the driver’s name. When I called them back, they said they found another carrier but it would be $350 total, $100 deposit, $250 C.O.D. The second carrier that actually picked up my car, called me and said that he would need $350 C.O.D. or put my car in storage. Mercury sent me a contract for $250 COD but sent the carrier a contract that promised him $350 C.O.D. I would NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN. Mercury has refused to return my calls, emails & texts. Its amazing how attentive they are in trying to take your deposit and find a carrier, but when problems occur everyone is out of the office or unavailable.

    Mercury Auto Trans. were very attentive to my needs. Very reasonable shipping cost. My vehicle was here before I expected it. Very happy with their total response!!

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