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Ironclad Auto Transport

3.0 Stars out of 5

634 1ST AVE

MC#: 055949

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car transport review

2 reviews

    I entrusted Ironclad to assist in safely moving a 66 Olds Cutlass and a 71 442 convertible in show condition. They located Redline Auto Transport with a drive named Ruben. He safely loaded the cars at the on load location and transported them on time to another state. Once he was 2 hours out, he said he did a route study and could not deliver them to my home and that I would need to hire a flatbed to bring them to my home. After irritating discussions with IronClad and the driver. They decided to pay for the flatbed to deliver the cars. I met Ruben down at the gas station about 10 minutes from my house. The cars were on the trailer still. I did walk around the truck to see any damage and found nothing. Mind you the 66 was on the top of the trailer. I had to drive back to my house to tell the flat bed driver where to put my cars. Ruben said no problem, just sign for the vehicles. I did, like a fool. the first car was the 442, without any issues. I spoke with the flatbed driver and he chuckled and did not understand why Ruben could not drive his truck to my house. This driver being a lumber hauler. Finally I received my 66 Cutlass. As the flatbed backed up to my house I could see rips in my convertible top above the back window.The flat bed had the 66 facing forward and Ruben had it face the rear and up above his cab. When I called Ruben and asked what we need to do about the damage, he texted a picture of the bill of lading I signed with no damages. He told me sorry there is nothing we could do about the damages because I signed saying there were none. Then he tells me go find a place to have repairs done and I will take care of it. I did not trust this, I called the Broker Ironclad and they gave me his insurance information. After speaking to the insurance and filing a claim, they said he was not covered by that insurer. I spoke with Ironclad again and they got me another Insurer. This time was the correct one. After almost 2 months, they sent me a denial letter for repairs because I had signed a clean bill of lading. there was no other way for me to receive my cars without signing it. I messaged Ruben from Red Line Auto Transport and he never responded to handle this. He hauled my convertible to high above his cab and the wind ripped the top at the seams. Also, Ironclad failed to document my requests for one vehicle needing winched and one drivable. They ended up charging me for the price of 2 winch able vehicles. I foolishly accepted. I relied on both parties experience and ultimately got robbed. I will never use Iron Clad Or Redline ever again. Because the driver Ruben did not want to come to my house. I now have a 2K dollar repair to make. I am very frustrated that they did not handle this better. Clearly the bill of lading did not show that damage but it shows up to my house 10 minutes later with the damage. Stay away from both of these services. Ultimate fail. Bad Experience

    $1,300 SCAM. Brenden Morrison of Ironclad Auto Transport took my money and never shipped my car. They take your money then don’t answer your calls or respond to your e-mails. BEWARE. You’ve been warned.

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