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HB Transit

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HB Transit

HB Transit is a transportation/trucking company based out of 205 S ACADEMY ST UNIT 4921, CARY, NC 27519, United States. HB Transit has a total of 2 employees in each of its location and generates sales of $0 (USD). (Sales number is an estimate).

HB Transit Auto Transport offers sped up auto vehicle when you want your vehicle moved quick. Notwithstanding the explanation, we will move your vehicle with speed and certainty! Much of the time, we can get your vehicle inside 24-48 hours of submitting your vehicle transporting request and it will be well coming! HB Transit Auto Transport’s facilitated clients can pick between open vehicle transport or encased vehicle transport. Transporting assisted is a strength administration saved for those clients that are under a tight time limitation and need their vehicle moved now, yet it will be more costly.

CARY, NC 27519

USDOT#: 3740531
MC#: 1323944

FMCSA Company Snapshot

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7 reviews

    I had an unfortunate experience with this company, and I can’t stress enough how disappointed I am. Their practices seem questionable, and there’s a high chance of being scammed. Moreover, They are Arabic, and I found their behavior rude and forceful, as if they were trying to intimidate customers. I strongly advise against using their services; you’ll surely regret it.

    Masquerading as whiteglovetransit: note all one word. Not White glove transit which may be a reputable company. They added an extra $100 to my pick up said it would be picked up that day if I accepted the extra charge, wasn’t picked up until two days later and then said that delivery would be $900. Upon delivery they charged me $950. So all in all it was +$150 from the original quote. STAY AWAY FROM, THEY COME ACROSS AS LEGIT BUT WILL NOT DELIVER AS PROMISED.

    Proceed with caution! They provided me with a price estimate to transport my car. Unfortunately, after making the payment, they failed to arrange for the pickup, causing me to lose an entire week’s worth of time and effort.

    Lack of professionalism Inadequate communication Violation of contract Subpar customer service False advertising and deceptive statements Harassment Unethical business practices Intimidation tactics Both verbal and written threats I engaged this company to transport my vehicle, but unfortunately, they failed to uphold their promises. As a result, I encountered significant challenges while attempting to retrieve my car. Upon expressing my dissatisfaction by leaving a negative review, they responded in an outrageously aggressive manner, resorting to profanity and personal attacks. They even refused to assist me further unless I removed my negative review. Despite the fact that they failed to deliver the agreed-upon services and address my concerns about the carrier they partnered with, I have yet to receive my vehicle. Moreover, they breached the terms of our contract and neglected to provide the necessary information for me to file a claim. To make matters worse, they abruptly halted all communication, leaving my issues unresolved.

    Use caution. HBTransit was great and responsive when booking and even went above and beyond to find us a driver when one fell through and didn’t show up. Our motorcycle was delivered heavily damaged and months later we have not received a penny because the driver hired by HBTransit is not legitimate, not able to be reached and is not insured to cover their deliveries at all. HBTransit holds no liability as a broker with the contract you sign and you will be left to your own devices to file a claim against the driver. Unfortunately HBTransit failed to verify the integrity of the company they hired or their insurance coverage (3 insurance companies involved, all stated the driver was not insured) They continued to use these drivers after our experience, knowing the insurance was not legitimate.

      Lady, we have been gone over this many many times and all of your reviews have been taken down. You are a scammer and you tried to scam our carrier froma fabricated motorcyle damage that never happened. Your claim was denied. PERIOD!

        HB Transit Sam (Salah A Hamed) and Ralph Nunez attempted to leave several fake positive reviews on this site, and is therefore banned from leaving any future reviews or disputing any reviews thereof for abuse.

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