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USDOT#: 4075661
MC#: MC-1549367

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2 reviews

    Had my camper moved from one state to another. The driver showed up and hauled the camper with no issues. Once he got it to the destination, he couldn’t drop it because this vendor didn’t pay him. This went on from late that evening all the way into the morning. It was very suspicious that the vendor kept finding reasons to not pay the driver once I had already sent my payment. I cancelled the payment the next morning and paid the driver instead. He said he’d never use that vendor again himself and I totally agreed. Something definitely isn’t right with this company

    I would not recommend this company. They kept promising they had drivers almost daily and my vehicle never was picked up. After multiple weeks of this game, I went with another company and the truck was picked up shortly after. Jose Garcia was the agent working with me, and continuously lied to me the entire time. I still don’t have the $50 deposit back even after I called and emailed several times. I would stay clear of this company as they try to under quote and can’t fill their loads. Avoid at all cost…

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