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1 review

    August, 2013 I bought a car off ebay. I needed it shipped from PA to MT, so I first went on a wellknown website that people go on an bid for the shipment (I don’t know if I am allowed to mention it here, so I won’t). For the first couple weeks there were no bids on my shipment so I decided to go to other websites where you receive shipping quotes from multiple businesses.

    On August 29, I received a quote from Frank Ga of Transauto Transport. The subject of the email was “WE HAVE TRUCKS!!! TRANSAUTO TRANSPORT QUOTE FROM FRANK”. The subject looked as though they were carriers as well as brokers, so wanting to deal directly with a broker, so on September 2, I called Frank Ga. Frank assured me they have trucks and one is in the general area of my car and it could be picked up soon. I told Frank to send me a contract so we could get this shipment going.

    Frank immediately emailed me a contract, but it was someone else’s contract with THEIR car info, address, telephone number, and last 4 digits of their credit card (I did call that person and warn them that this happened) Sure, this was a sloppy mistake and should not have happened (who would want all their info emailed to a stranger?), but I emailed Frank and told him what heppened. Frank immediately emailed me my contract, but it was for a first available pick-up date as September 16 instead of ASAP, and the pick-up/drop off points were the same address. I got annoyed by the sloppiness and decided I no longer wanted the services. I IMMEDIATELY emailed the following to Frank: ” Frank, I do not wish to proceed with this. Please do not charge my credit card for the deposit. I find that there is a lot of lack of organization, and mis-information. I have no reason to believe the car will be picked up in this time-frame.” Frank then replied: “Dennis,
    I´m sorry the release form you received earlier was incorrect. Our assistant made an error, he is being reprimanded for this. You have nothing to worry about, I made the adjustments myself this time, the reason why it’s on central dispatch is because by law we have to put it up there so other companies will stop calling you and it also prevents a conflict. Any question or concerns, please email me or call me, thanks. 404-855-3181 Frank G.” I then emailed back: “Please take me off central dispatch. I didn’t sign the contract so by law you aren’t allowed to add me until there is actually a contract.” This was the end of that part of my communication with Frank. Keep in mind I did NOT sign the contract that he sent me, and the emails clearly stated that I do NOT want his business and wanted to proceed no further.

    Anyway, on Friday September 6, I signed a contract with a trucker to ship my vehicle (from the website I mentioned at the beginning). I gave an almost $200 deposit to the trucker and he was going to pick my vehicle up on Monday, September 9. On Sunday September 8 I got an angry call from the trucker, saying he called the vehicle seller and the vehicle has already been picked up by a truck driver. I was super worried, and immediately went home and opened a stolen vehicle complaint on ebay. I called the vehicle seller and he informed me the vehicle has been picked up by a trucker on Friday Semptember 6 and he gave me the cell-phone number of the trucker. I called the trucker and left a voice-mail, asking why he had taken my car two days ago without my consent. The truck driver called back and informed me that they had picked up my car because I had signed a contract with Transauto transport. I informed them I had NOT signed the contract and he unlawfully added me onto the central dispatch website (despite my telling him not to because I didn’t want his services!), and told them I had signed a contract (which I had not). I won’t tell the trucking company because they went on good faith that I had signed a contract, and they picked up my vehicle. They didn’t expect Frank to be so dishonest and unlawful. So upon further discussion with the trucker, I agreed to the $1400 that they had been told on central dispatch that they would be given in order to ship my vehicle. We were all shocked that Frank/Trans-Auto transport would stoop to such dishonesty and stupidity.

    After speaking with the trucker, I emailed Frank the following: “Frank, I am following up about my order. I had agreed with a shipping company on uship to have my car shipped. The trucker called the seller today and was informed that the car had already been picked up. I called the seller and he gave me some phone numbers to King’s auto. They said they had a contract from me with you guys. I was wondering how you had a contract when I specifically stated that I do not want the car shipped from you and do not add me to central dispatch (I have all the emails confirming this). I was wondering if you fraudulently made the contract agreed to by me, or what. I am now out the $200 with the trucking company I agreed to, so I will be contacting my credit card to get reimbursed for this and I will state that you are responsible. I did not agree to this and this is extremely deceitful and bad business. Please tell me how you want to go about this and what you want to do.” I DID NOT get an email response from Frank, so I gave him a call. Frank advised me that he remembered I didn’t want him to ship my vehicle, and he would look into what happened and I am to call him back in 2 hours.

    I called Frank 2 hours later and Frank stated that “I got your vehicle shipped, so we should get the contract signed so your car can be delivered on time” (Frank was wanting me to sign the contract for $1550 so he would get his $150 commission!!) I said to Frank “Do you understand what happened here” Frank informed me that he knew I declined his services because of him sending me someone else’s contract (which he said it had never happened before). I said no because he sent me someone else’s personal information and messed up some other information. Frank informed me that he did what I had wanted, and that was to get my car shipped. I said no I clearly said I don’t want his services. Frank started calling me rude and impatient (am I suppose to be happy when a broker goes behind my back and ships my vehicle without my consent?) Frank then said he had added me to central dispatch right when we spoke on the phone, and the shipment was already booked to be picked up (this was another lie, and Frank can’t lawfully add me to central dispatch and tell people you have a contract when you actually don’t) I told Frank there is no way I am signing the contract, and I will be making reviews to inform future customers of what happened. Frank then told me since his service was free, I cannot leave feedback. I told him his deceit got my car shipped without my consent and I am out my deposit from the trucker that I had originally signed with. Frank informed me that we are getting nowhere talking on the phone so we will part ways. (This was the end of the phone call with Frank)

    From then on I communicated with the trucker, and it was delivered on Tuesday September 10.

    So long story short: Frank lied (to myself and the trucker), said I had signed a contract (which I hadn’t. I did give Frank my CC number so he could add it to the contract that I was originally suppose to sign) and added me to central dispatch without a contract (unlawful), shipped my car without my consent and expected to get paid (what?!?!?!??! Seriously who does that!). Stay away from Frank and this shadey business unless you want disorganization, lies and deceit.

    I will be forwarding this review along to Frank. I am sure he will come up with some generic excuse (but will not touch on fine details of my review). Please feel free to email me with any further questions that you may have. Your personal information is not safe with him. If this website lets me I would be willing to follow up once he comments. BEWARE!

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