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State by State Transporters

1.0 Stars out of 5

State by State Transporters is a reputable car shipping company that offers automobile transportation services to customers across the United States. The company has been in operation for more than ten years and has established a strong reputation for its reliable, timely, and cost-effective services.

State by State Transporters has a large fleet of carriers that can handle a variety of different-sized vehicles, from small cars to oversized trucks. This allows the company to provide shipping services for a broad range of customers, including individuals, car dealerships, and corporations.

The company’s car shipping services are available in all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii. State by State Transporters also offers international car shipping services to Canada and Mexico. The company uses the latest technology to track and monitor the status of each shipment, ensuring that their customers are always aware of their vehicle’s location and delivery status.

State by State Transporters is a reliable and reputable car shipping company that provides excellent services to customers across the country. With its broad coverage and top-notch customer service, the company is an excellent choice for anyone looking to transport their car safely and efficiently.

2450 LANTANA RD #2311

USDOT#: 2248531
MC#: MC-741851

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8 reviews

    No matter who you choose to work with, this business seems shady and reminiscent of a conversation with a pimp. There is always someone else to blame, be it SBS, Max, or any other rough and unpolished company. Sherry may come across as sweet and polite, but it’s all just a facade for the bad cop, good cop routine. The transport company that SBS recommended wasn’t as punctual as they claimed, but surprisingly, the trip went smoothly and the driver never failed to keep me informed. Working with SBS feels like a convulsive episode that ceases only after the spasms and frothy respirations come to an end.

    They lied and illegally forged my name on the contract. I cancelled because 1. they upcharged me $150 because my car wasn’t running, 2. The day before the agreed pickup they bumped the price up $100. Then I saw a $250 charge on my credit card statement. When I disputed I was shown a contact with my signature forged. What a scam.

    Beware of Max Seymour and State by State. Total scam artist!
    I shipped my car from FL to CA. The contract stated I could pay by check once my car was delivered. When my car arrived the driver would only accept cash or he would not release my vehicle. Right away or he was leaving with my car. I had to run to the bank and run back. Don’t ever use this company!

    I am absolutely disappointed with the services offered by State by State Transporters. I recently hired them for transporting my car from one state to another and I regret my decision. Their customer service is extremely unprofessional and the drivers are no better. They overpromise and underdeliver. They lie about the pickup time, delivery date, and the location of my vehicle.

    It took them weeks to transport my car which was supposed to be a 3-day job and the vehicle was severely damaged when it was delivered to me. They did not provide any insurance or damage protection as promised. The staff was unresponsive to my queries and they showed no concern for the condition of my vehicle. Instead, they made up excuses and gave me false promises regarding the delivery.

    I would never recommend State by State Transporters to anyone. They are cheats and liars who just want to make money without any concern for customer satisfaction. They lack professionalism and are incapable of fulfilling their commitments. My experience with them has been extremely frustrating, to say the least. They ruined my car and also wasted my time and money. Stay away from them at all costs!

    Terrible experience. I booked pretty far in advance and Max Seymour convinced me If I paid extra he’d be able to pick up my vehicle closest to the date I needed. After I paid, communication dropped off completely. No updates. Then a week before the agreed pickup date I received a call from the driver telling me he’s going to pick up my car in an hour! I was at work with my vehicle and was not going to be ready to have it picked up so soon. Unnacceptable.

    So I cancelled the pickup with the driver. Then Max calls screaming at me and claims he told me in advance. What a liar. I requested a refund to which he never did. I had to eat the loss and go with another company.

    Horrible communication and lack of customer service. Save your money and go with anyone else.

    Without a doubt, my auto transport encounter with Max from SBS Transporters was the worst. My arrangement was set for two of my cars to be picked up, but the truck driver arrived three hours later than expected, forcing me to change my schedule. Moreover, the driver ended up causing damage to one of my vehicles while loading it. I have no intentions of conducting further business with SBS Transporters.

    To begin with, steer clear of this BROKER at all costs! This individual will not hesitate to deceive and steal from you.

    Initially, I was under the impression that Max was an honest and helpful person looking to assist me in my trucking needs. He stated outright that he was not a broker, but rather affiliated with the trucking company. In fact, he went out of his way to send me photos of himself and his truck loaded up with cars, and even offered his direct contact information for booking.

    I provided Max with my debit card details to secure my spot on the truck; however, I neglected to fill out and sign the form he sent me.

    Upon researching Max’s background and reading the majority of negative reviews, I decided to back out and informed him accordingly.

    To my surprise, the actual trucking company arrived at my home this morning, and my wife had to explain that I had canceled. They contacted me to apologize for the inconvenience, and I ended up apologizing on Max’s behalf for wasting their time and resources.

    Outrageously, Max declared that I still owed him the $100 that I had allegedly agreed to pay. Moreover, he cited a third-party organization, nationwide, as the entity that would charge me. This is pure nonsense; I never provided them with my information.

    I did not authorize any charges, and I will contest them through my credit card company.

    Max, you are a poor businessman and are deserving of all the negative feedback you have received. If you stop deceiving potential customers, you may avoid such a detrimental situation.

    Extremely unprofessional and displays a bad attitude if you don’t hand over your money. They contacted me to inquire about transport services, and although I expressed my interest, I made it clear that I needed to find the best price possible as I am funding my college education. Despite my prior knowledge of the industry from my father, who is a trucker, they persisted in telling me a bunch of falsehoods. As they continued to speak, I simply nodded along and agreed, to which the representative rudely responded, “Clearly, you’re not receptive to what I’m saying,” before abruptly ending the call. Their service is the worst I have ever encountered, and I caution against doing business with them.

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