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Shiplux is a leading international logistics and shipping company that specializes in providing reliable and efficient transportation solutions to businesses of all sizes. With a global presence and a comprehensive range of services, Shiplux has become a trusted partner for businesses looking to streamline their shipment processes and reduce transportation costs.

Founded in 2015, Shiplux has quickly established itself as a leader in the logistics industry. The company offers a broad range of services, including air, ocean, and ground transportation, as well as customs brokerage and warehousing and distribution. This variety of services allows businesses to work with Shiplux for all their shipping needs, whether for individual shipments or large-scale distribution.

One of the key aspects of Shiplux’s success is its commitment to customer service. The company understands that each business has unique needs and challenges, and therefore tailors its services to meet individual requirements. Through open communication and a flexible approach, Shiplux ensures that its clients receive the best possible shipping experience.

In addition to its customer-centric approach, Shiplux also invests heavily in technology and innovation. The company has developed a state-of-the-art tracking system that allows clients to monitor their shipments in real time. Shiplux also uses advanced analytics and data management tools to optimize shipping routes and reduce the risk of delays or disruptions.

Today, Shiplux serves a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, and healthcare. With a vast network of partners and a commitment to excellence, Shiplux has become the go-to shipping solution for businesses around the world.

MIAMI, FL 33131

USDOT#: 3129383
MC#: 92282

(855) 999-3685

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19 reviews

    Avoid using this unreliable garbage company! They carelessly delayed picking up our car for a whopping five days, even though we had already relocated across the country. Their communication was abysmal, and when they did bother to respond, it was nothing but blatant lies. They repeatedly assured us it would be picked up “today,” only to repeat the same deceitful nonsense the following day. And as expected, they also delivered it late. To add insult to injury, they believed a measly $150 compensation would suffice. We shouldn’t have to pay a single cent for their deceitful service. These scammers even failed to have the correct address for pickup.

    Avoid utilizing the services of this particular company. My experience involved shipping my Shelby from Louisiana to Texas. Firstly, the driver arrived in Austin two days behind schedule and proceeded to deliver numerous other vehicles before reaching my location. Then, during the unloading process, the bottom lip of my car was scraped, which was unexpected from a reputable transportation company. I highly recommend avoiding this business.

    I had a very bumpy experience, and I believe that Noah would benefit from further education and training. It’s important to note that many individuals who use this service are doing so for the first time, and having a better understanding of HI law would be extremely beneficial. I was able to ship our second vehicle independently through Matson without encountering any delays, extra expenses, or undue stress. Giving a 1-star rating is not something I want to do, but my experience was less than satisfactory.

    Sheldon Ames, an employee at Ship Lux, caused chaos in my communication with our clients and failed to assist me in booking. Despite our attempts to cancel the order, other companies are still unable to confirm cancellation on his end. I strongly advise against working with them, particularly if you cater to high-profile individuals.

    I utilized the services of this company to transport my camper from Tennessee to Arizona, which I found to be quite costly. However, one would naturally assume that such a significant expenditure would result in careful handling of one’s property. Unfortunately, this was not the case for me. The hired hauling company accidentally hit something while transporting my camper and caused a hole in its side. What’s worse, the driver purposely delayed delivery until nighttime to conceal the damage. The following morning, I discovered the damage and immediately reached out for assistance. Unfortunately, shiplux, the company responsible for brokering my trailer to an uninsured party, ultimately resulted in the insurance policy I had through Progressive being canceled, leaving me with limited options. I was left with a choice between handling the repair costs myself or reporting it as a claim and dealing with an increase in my insurance rates. Regrettably, based on my experience, I would not recommend this company.

    Initially, they responded quickly when I requested a quote to transport my 2020 fifth wheel from SC to ID. However, on the scheduled pickup date, the mover failed to show up and wasted the seller’s entire day. After rescheduling for the following day, a substandard mover arrived in a dented pick-up truck and with limited English proficiency. I refused to hand over the keys to my RV and by the next day, video evidence revealed that the RV had been damaged during transportation. Despite making repeated attempts to resolve the issue with Shiplux, I received no resolution. It took three weeks to file an insurance claim, and the mover, who was supposed to pay out of pocket, failed to respond and disappeared after dropping their insurance. Unfortunately, as Shiplux does not use quality movers, I am now left with a damaged RV and a lack of assistance from Shiplux to resolve the matter. I do not recommend using their services. Even if you choose to use them, be aware that they are unlikely to help in the case of damaged property. It has now been almost three months with no resolution, forcing me to leave a negative review.

    We had enlisted their hired services in September 2022 for transporting our RV from OH to CO. However, the driver who undertook the task carelessly backed the RV into our garage and left the power cord plugged in, causing severe damage. Despite filing a claim with their insurance policy, the driver refused to pay his deductible, and ShipLux declined to provide any assistance. Therefore, we suggest opting for a different service.

    The whole experience was terrible as the sales representative proved to be extremely unhelpful. The only time he would communicate with me was until the contract was signed. After that, he became unresponsive to emails, voicemails, and texts. To make matters worse, he refused to confirm the delivery date for my vehicle, which was being shipped from Vegas to Florida. The situation was exacerbated when the driver who picked up the vehicle in Vegas raised language barriers, leaving me uncertain about the delivery date. This caused me to scramble to relocate from Vegas to Florida to be present when the vehicle arrived, which could have been anytime. As I boarded a flight back to Florida, I received a call from the driver who finally informed me that he would arrive within 2 hours, even though my flight was 5 hours away. It was clear that using these individuals should be avoided at all costs.

    It’s too difficult to put into words just how awful our experience was. The short version is that we requested a same-day pickup, but the driver didn’t arrive until 1 am. To make matters worse, the transport took 10 hours instead of the 5 hours promised. When we complained to shiplux, we left 11 voicemails for a manager before anyone finally refunded $150 of our $1000 payment. The customer service was abysmal, and we think they should go out of business. The “manager” we spoke to said that the refund was “all he could do,” but as someone with experience managing hundreds of employees, I can confidently say that this level of service wouldn’t be tolerated on my team.

    This business is unscrupulous and deceitful. I requested a quote for shipping my car and was quoted at a $500 higher price for a pickup on Tuesday instead of Monday.

    I informed them I would look at other options and eventually found a different company that offered more reasonable pricing. However, to my surprise, shiplux had already listed my car for shipment on the central dispatch app used by truck drivers, at a price lower than what they had quoted me. Essentially they tried to overcharge me with a broker fee of $1,300.

    When I contacted them to have my listing taken down, they refused, and instead increased the price offered to the driver by $100, in an attempt to undercut my actual broker and corner me into using their services.

    Their conduct is shady and unprofessional. They were extremely discourteous and their business practices are appalling. I would advise against doing business with them to avoid wasting your money. It would be a better use of your money to throw it in a trash can.

    The conduct of this enterprise is highly unprofessional. They might pledge to collect your car within 24-72 hours, however, they assigned a driver to me beyond the 72-hour mark. While they profess to usually have a smoother turnaround time, my car was postponed three times due to individuals “not being ready for pickup”, pushing the pick-up time back. This caused almost a three-day delay. Moreover, the actual delivery by Jose took longer than the estimated date. On the day of the proposed delivery, the dispatcher informed me that Jose may not be able to reach on time, when, in fact, he was only 45 minutes away. Jose arrived later that night, whereas the car was promised to be dropped off first thing in the morning. Jose drove my car off the truck on deflated tires, stating that he had to let the air out since my car was too tall for him to fit it on top (they should have arranged a carrier who could actually fit my car). He then instructed me to drive it to the gas station, when it was clearly not drivable anywhere. Fortunately, we had a tire pressure machine and could blow them up ourselves. I asked Jose to drop it so I could assess whether he had deliberately popped my tires or let the air out, but he refused until I paid him. Furthermore, Jose had his entire family, including his wife and two children, in the car with him. His wife yelled at us in Spanish because we were apprehensive about my popped tires. Only after making the payment did Jose drop the car. Unfortunately, my car has now incurred permanent damage, as the tires were rubbed against something on the truck, causing the tread to rip on one tire. When I tried to contact Noah to report the damage, he refused to answer my calls or return them. Additionally, Jose stained my recently paved road with oil from his truck, the condition of which was deeply concerning. In conclusion, Jose and Noah, as representatives of this company, have shown themselves to be highly unprofessional and unfit to be employed in their positions.

    They damaged my RV during the shipping process, costing me a whopping $3,400.00 in repairs. Not only did they fail to properly secure my vehicle, but they also failed to take any responsibility for the damage they caused.

    Their customer service was appalling. When I reported the damage, they tried to dismiss it as if it wasn’t a big deal and suggested that I take it up with the insurance company. They did not seem to understand that it was their responsibility to ensure that my RV arrived at its destination in the same condition in which it was shipped.

    Overall, my experience with Shiplux has been frustrating and disappointing. I would not recommend this company to anyone looking for reliable and responsible transportation services.

    I had the misfortune of using Shiplux for the transportation of my precious automobile and I deeply regret it. The transportation experience was nothing short of a nightmare that left me with a damaged car and no recourse for compensation.

    To begin with, Shiplux is completely unreliable. My car was supposed to be transported over a distance of 880 miles, and during that entire journey, they left my sunroof open during multiple downpours. The result? My car was completely soaked and damaged by water. The interior and exterior of my vehicle were both in terrible shape, leaving me with a serious headache to deal with. $581.32 in damage.

    When I attempted to pursue the matter with Shiplux and claim damages, I was met with absolute silence. Their customer service was non-existent, and they didn’t bother to respond to my numerous calls and emails. I felt completely ignored and frustrated by the company.

    To sum up, Shiplux is a highly irresponsible and unreliable transportation company. They clearly don’t care about their customers’ possessions, and their lack of customer service only adds insult to injury. If you value your vehicle, I strongly suggest looking elsewhere for transportation services. Avoid Shiplux at all costs, unless you want a ruined car and zero compensation.

    They charged me an additional $100 without any prior notice or explanation. This totally ruined my budget for the shipment, and I was left with no other choice but to pay since my vehicle was already in their hands.

    Even worse, their customer service department agent Sheldon was USELESS. They were rude, dismissive, and unprofessional when I called to inquire about the extra charge. They didn’t provide any plausible explanation, and instead, kept insisting that it was part of their policy.

    Furthermore, the shipment arrived later than expected and the my vehicle was damaged upon arrival. The inside was wet and ruined, which was very disappointing.

    I strongly advise anyone to avoid using Shiplux for their shipping needs. Their poor customer service, surprise charges, and delayed delivery times are not worth the hassle. It’s a complete waste of your time, money, and energy. Stay away from this company if you want to avoid headaches and unnecessary expenses.

    THE WORST!!! Where do I even start… First, Shiplux was seven days late picking up my vehicles. They guaranteed the 2 vehicles must be picked up by Oct 7. When they failed to pick up my vehicle they said the transporter was coming the following day for the next 3 days. Finally I cut my losses and called a real shipping organization who laughed and said they couldn’t get for no less than 5 additional days. At last the vehicles were picked up DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS. The vehicle was picked up Thursday night. The driver said the vehicles would be delivered by Saturday currently 2 days after the agreed date. The first vehicle showed up seven days after the agreed date, again late night yet essentially they brought it to my home. The second vehicle, a GLS 450 was not on the same truck. It didn’t get delivered for another 6 days. Since the vehicle was linked to me by an application, each time the truck opened its gate it would send me it’s geo location, fuel level, odometer and so on. The vehicle sat in SC for 3 days. Whenever the truck gete was opened the vehicle suspiciously had an additional 181 miles on the Odometer and the fuel level was actually the same, which indicated the vehicle was towed, not on a flatbed, but instead towed on its back tires. One of the most awful things you can do to an All Wheel Drive vehicle. Avoid SHIPLUX. They guaranteed me a full refund of the total cost. Never recieved it so I’m diputing the charge with Mastercard. Their customer service sucks.

    I recently had the misfortune of coming across Shiplux and I can honestly say it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I paid them $1095 on 10/7/2021 to ship my vehicle from RI to NC, but they never delivered on their promises. I was left constantly trying to get in touch with their customer service representatives who were incredibly unhelpful.

    On 10/6/21 my Mastercard was charged a deposit of $320. I made it clear from day 1 that I was leaving RI on 10/7, and was understood that I would leave the vehicle at my neighbor’s for them to pick it up on Sunday. Ship date was scheduled for 10/7. After failing to show up they they made up excuses and told me they were coming 10/10/21. My Vehicle was never picked up.

    Despite multiple phone calls and emails, the company continued to give me the runaround, refusing to provide any concrete information or a timeline for when my car would be delivered. It was incredibly frustrating and stressful, and I was left feeling completely ripped off by Shiplux.

    In the end, I’m in NC. My vehicle is still in RI loaded with belongings I need. I would never recommend Shiplux to anyone, and warning everyone to steer clear of this unreliable and untrustworthy company. They took my money and never delivered what they promised, leaving me without my vehicle and extremely frustrated. Do not trust them with your valuable possessions – there are much better shipping companies out there that actually deliver on their promises.

    Outright NIGHTMARE! Not only did they fail to deliver our vehicle from New York to California on time, but we had to report it stolen just to get them to deliver it. They were completely unhelpful and unresponsive.

    Firstly, my car was supposed to be delivered in a week, but it took two weeks. During that time, I was constantly calling their customer service to check on the progress and they would just feed me excuses after excuses. They even had the nerve to blame it on the weather, even though the forecast was clear.

    When I tried to get more information from them, they were completely unresponsive. They didn’t return my calls or emails and I was left in the dark about what was going on. It wasn’t until I reported the vehicle Stolen to the New York Police Department that Shiplux finally recalled where our vehicle was and got it shipped.

    Overall, I would never recommend Shiplux to anyone. They were incredibly unprofessional and careless with my vehicle, and when something went wrong, they didn’t take any responsibility for it. Save yourself the hassle and find a different car transport company.

    Presently the owner is blowing up our phones demanding that we remove this review.

    After I had paid a $398 deposit for their services, they failed to show up on the scheduled pickup date July 6th 2020 and did not provide any explanation or notification for their absence.

    When reaching out to their customer service department 7 days past agreed pickup, it was almost impossible to get a clear answer or solution to my problem. They kept me waiting for hours without updating me on any progress or status on why they had failed to show up. It was a frustrating and stressful experience, especially since I had already paid them a deposit upfront. I Left VMs July 13th. on july July 21st Jorden in Accounting agreed to have someone call me but I never heard back from anyone. And they conveniently retained my deposit.

    Overall, I would strongly advise against using Shiplux for any vehicle transport needs. Their lack of communication and professionalism has resulted in a tremendous amount of inconvenience for me, and I would hate for other customers to go through the same experience. It’s a shame that a service that claims to provide high-quality transportation services fails to deliver on their promises.

    The reason I chose this service was due to their favorable reviews, and also because Sheldon was courteous. However, I was disappointed as my vehicle was handed over to me a day after the estimated date that we had agreed to in writing. Furthermore, the delivery took place at 9:30pm which made it difficult to properly inspect my new vehicle. I was initially informed that the delivery would take place on a Sunday afternoon, but it was later rescheduled for the following day within a two-hour window of 5pm-7pm. Moreover, the delivery ended up taking place at 9:30pm. Additionally, my truck was delivered by a different driver and on a different truck from the one it was picked up on. Despite the assurance from the driver that he would keep me updated on the status of my vehicle, I had to repeatedly contact him to get any information.

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