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Safemile Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 3813643
MC#: MC-1377278

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1 review

    This was my first time arranging car transport for my 85 year old mother. The customer service was very responsive, every other aspect of the experience was extremely poor. I requested delivery from NY to FL, the car was to be picked up on 12/29 for delivery on 1/3 and the quote was for $1190. They set my expectation that a dispatcher would call me the day before the pickup and give me a four hour pick up window, it never happened. The day of the pickup they called me and told me the price was now going to be $1350 and I told them they needed to honor the price, he said have someone else call me. I received another call within the hour saying they would honor the price but the car would be delivered on 1/4. On 1/4 I followed up around 2:00 since I hadn’t heard from them, they then told me the car would be delivered either 1/5 or 1/6. My return flight to NY was at noon on 1/6. I couldn’t chase leaving if the car wasn’t delivered and leave it all on mom to figure out so I changed my flight at a $200 cost to me. On 1/6 I called every two hours starting at 10 to try and get an update. I finally got an update at 3:00 and was told the car would be delivered between 3-6, the car was in Tampa which is a 3 hour journey. I paid for door to door service and specified that both locations were condo complexes and I was assured it would be door to door. At 6:34 on 1/6 I got a call from the driver who said he was 25 minutes away and he can not drive the vehicle in a complex could I meet him somewhere! After a brief discussion of me going on about my having paid for door to door service he called me back to say he would drive the car to the door if I could drive him back to his vehicle, I had already begun walking to meet him but agreed so I wasn’t standing on a street corner. This was the absolute worst service experience I’ve ever had. This company lied to me at every point. I could have never left this on mom, imagine an 85 year old woman being asked to meet the driver on the street. Mom was extremely stressed out by the situation, it was breaking my heart. I strongly advise anyone not to use this company, what they put us through is shameful and I wouldn’t want anyone else to be their victim, do not use this company.

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