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New World Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5

New World Auto Transport

5150 FRANZ RD STE 500
KATY, TX 77498

USDOT#: 2246109
MC#: MC-704602

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6 reviews

    The reason for this complaint is the significant harm that was caused to an automobile during transportation, coupled with the unscrupulous behavior and lack of transparency on the part of New World Auto Transport/Logistics (NWA) and its authorized agent. We engaged NWA to transport a 2015 Land Rover LR4 from Houston to Denver for $995. What we were unaware of at the time was that NWA had sub-contracted ** to facilitate the vehicle’s collection, transportation, and delivery. The scheduled delivery date was supposed to be on August 8th at 1:00 pm. After not hearing from NWA or its representative, we contacted them to check the status. Their response was that the driver had a “family emergency,” and they didn’t know the vehicle’s whereabouts or delivery time. As a matter of fact, NWA’s representative claimed no responsibility for the vehicle. We later phoned Steve Wells at NWA on August 8th and received an assurance that the car would be delivered the following day without any additional information. What we didn’t realize and weren’t informed was that NWA knew the car’s location, that it had been damaged during transportation, and was taken to an auto body shop to be repaired covertly. They even ordered parts before delivery, but they were not available. Eventually, the car sustained considerable damage, including structural injuries, broken glass, and a non-functional door. It is essentially unsafe to drive, and it is estimated that it will take around four to five months to repair fully. Additionally, NWA will not assume responsibility for rental charges or reveal the details of what happened to the automobile.

    Inexperienced in automobile shipment, I vow never to employ this firm again. They requested to collect my vehicle a day earlier than scheduled, prompting me to rearrange my plans. On top of that, they delivered my vehicle past the agreed date. Moreover, when I reached out to inquire, the driver responded with a hostile attitude. This company is incompetent, opaque, and unethical.

    The subpar performance concerning the transportation of my lifted Ford F250 from Auto Nation in Katy, TX to New World cannot be solely attributed to one party. Rather, there are several issues that collectively resulted in a disappointing experience. Firstly, nobody involved was willing to accept responsibility for the mishaps. Secondly, there was a lack of knowledge regarding the exact dimensions of the vehicle, leading to outsourcing to an incompetent driver who was unable to handle the truck, therefore resulting in a loss of time. Thirdly, even after finding a new driver in ILM Transportation, promises for a delivery date were repeatedly missed, and communication was lacking from their end. Fourthly, despite hiring ILM, New World failed to take accountability for the poor service rendered.

    Despite attempts to rectify the situation by speaking with New World’s owner, Steve, who promised a refund of $200, there has been no resolution, and my attempts to follow up with him have been ignored. As someone who has transported my car bi-annually from NJ to FL without incident, I suspect that my negative experience could have been avoided if I had not used either New World or ILM. It is essential to be cautious when dealing with them.

    While I’m not one to leave negative reviews, my recent experience was quite disappointing. The representative I spoke to on the phone was particularly rude. I simply inquired about moving my vehicle, but after disclosing that I was from Hawaii (an area they do not service), she hung up on me without warning. It’s safe to say that their customer service could use some improvement, as this interaction was far from satisfactory.

    I suggest staying away from this auto transport company. While their sales team is impressive, their service and communication regarding your vehicle delivery are unsatisfactory. If you decide to go with them or any other auto transport service, it is highly advisable not to accept your car at night because it is difficult to assess any damage in dim lighting. Additionally, if PVS Transportation Services is your designated carrier, request a different one.

    Last night, the owner took an extremely long time to call me back and unfortunately had no information about the whereabouts or status of my car, promising to “look into compensation” and get back to me in the morning. However, the next day rolled around with no word from him until I called at 1:30pm. The owner, who is supposed to be in charge, offered the excuse that he had just arrived at the office and had no information yet. Despite making a commitment to call me back in the morning, he did not follow through until much later, around 6pm, with no solid update on the status of my car or any confidence that the situation would improve. When compensation was brought up, he dodged the issue and procrastinated, showing no urgency to resolve the issue or communicate effectively with me. This is highly disappointing behavior from a company, and any responsible company would have made more of an effort to rectify this situation and stay in good communication with the customer.

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