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NAO Auto

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1 review

    NAO auto transported my vehicle through Montway Auto Transport broker. While I am aware of frequent delays of this business, they showed up a week after the first intended date, and they refused to pick up calls when I called them to ask about the schedule. Instead, I received text messages from the dispatcher who apparently seemed too busy or irritated to provide any answer. The dispatcher replied saying that they would call back or let me know about any details, only followed by absolute silence.

    After the car was picked up, it took them two weeks to deliver the car. There was a snowstorm that caused this delay, which makes sense, but again no one was there to inform me. I got in touch with a driver a few times, who provided me with wrong delivery dates. Then finally when they delivered, they gave me a half hour notice. It was a different driver, from which I presume that the driver stopped by their depot in Washington or someplace else. There should have been enough time for them to notify me sooner. I had to stop what I was doing and rush back home to receive it.

    Overall, horrifying experience with NAO auto, and I would strongly advise those who are assigned this company when shipping cars directly or through a broker agency, to think again.

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