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Moving Kingdom

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Moving Kingdom Reviews

3131 NE 1ST AVE #2812
MIAMI, FL 33137

USDOT#: 2925292
MC#: MC-986988

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4 reviews

    If only I had heeded my sister’s advice and opted for a scenic road trip instead of enduring a nearly 21-day delivery wait, along with multiple unexpected delays and a rise in the originally agreed price. It was a frustrating experience that I believe I shouldn’t have had to go through. Sharing my story, I hope to spare at least one individual from similar headaches.

    As of 2019, Moving Kingdom Inc. ( continues to be a transportation company that should be avoided at all costs. It is strongly advised not to book any service with Moving Kingdom.

    My personal experience with Moving Kingdom involved transporting my motorcycle from Wisconsin to Washington between July 28th and August 2nd, 2019. The assigned driver, David William Carter, and his partner, Belinda, displayed a complete lack of knowledge on how to properly secure a motorcycle. David mistakenly strapped my motorcycle down with the kickstand down, resulting in the bending of my side stand. Upon receiving the motorcycle, I noticed the loose and wiggly side stand and brought it to Dave’s attention. His attempted solution involved tightening the side stand with a wrench, resulting in the complete breakage of the bolt. This not only scratched and disrupted the safety system of the motorcycle, but also rendered it inoperable.

    Adding to the complications of this situation was the fact that Dave chose to park his trailer on a highly congested road in Seattle, leading to the filing of a police report. This behavior clearly demonstrates Dave’s disregard for safety and I would strongly advise against entrusting any vehicle to be transported by him or Moving Kingdom.

    Unfortunately, the problem was further exacerbated during the completion of the delivery paperwork (Bill of Lading). Using an app on his iPhone, Dave failed to properly document the damages to the side stand and the broken bolt. Although I signed the document on his phone, the information did not go through during the first attempt. Dave reloaded the page, and assuming the field was still populated with the damage comment, I signed it again. However, to my surprise, the comment was not included and Dave obtained my signature on a document that falsely claimed no damages were done. I only received a copy of this document after it was requested during the insurance claim process.

    Immediately following these events, I contacted Dave’s supervisor, Viktor, who proved to be incredibly disrespectful and rude. He arrogantly dismissed my concerns and insisted that the broker, King of the Road, would cover any damages. However, upon contacting King of the Road, I was informed that I needed to file a claim with Moving Kingdom’s insurance. I have been in communication with Progressive, their insurance company, for the past three weeks. Throughout this process, I discovered that David had lied about causing any damages, claiming instead that I had leaned on the motorcycle and caused the damage myself. It is evident that even if a person of my size (140 lbs) were to lean on a motorcycle weighing 500 lbs, the side stand would not bend. Progressive conducted an inspection of my motorcycle, and the damages were determined to be below their $1000 deductible.

    Today, I spoke with Stan at Moving Kingdom, who displayed a similar level of rudeness and disrespect as Viktor. He denied any responsibility for the damages and refused to pay for any repairs. He consistently raised his voice during our conversation and when I called attention to his unprofessionalism, he responded with the remark, “you are no longer our customer.” Consequently, I am now left with the burden of paying for the damages caused by Dave Carter out of my own pocket.

    Based on my experience, I strongly advise against placing any trust in anyone associated with Moving Kingdom. The lesson I have learned is to opt for a larger, more established moving company that has garnered positive reviews. Furthermore, it is crucial to avoid brokers like King of the Road Transport, as they tend to direct customers towards smaller, untrustworthy businesses.

    I initially received a quote of 400 dollars for pickup and 400 dollars for delivery for my move. However, when the driver arrived, he informed me that the extra items I was moving were not listed on my contract. Surprisingly, the original email did list these items, but since the drivers showed up late and I was in a time crunch, I had no choice but to pay the increased cost of 711 dollars for pickup. Upon reviewing my original emails, I found that all the items were indeed listed.

    Moving forward, the items were finally loaded and we departed. The plan was for the items to be in storage from November 21st until February 27th, with December being my one free month. In December, I contacted the company to confirm the delivery at the end of February. However, in January, I received a frantic call from someone who barely spoke English and refused to identify themselves, demanding immediate delivery. They claimed that the company was going out of business, despite still taking contracts from others online.

    They harassed me by calling every five minutes, even while I was at work, and insisted on setting up immediate delivery. They refused to disclose the delivery costs and kept saying that the driver would inform me. Eventually, the truck broke down, and I received a call stating that they would not be able to deliver on Thursday or Friday. The calls then stopped, and a truck finally showed up on Saturday. The driver, Reggie, informed me of the issues within the company as we spoke over the phone since I was out of town for work and had my mother present for the delivery. I had prepared a blank check, but they declined to accept it and took my belongings. Moving forward, here is my latest update:

    UPDATE –

    I am writing to update the complaints against Moving Kingdom, also known as Empire Relocation Service, based in Florida.

    My items were eventually delivered, but the company only accepted cash as payment. As cash was unavailable, they scheduled a redelivery date. However, they quoted me yet another price for delivery, and in the end, the total cost was almost 2,000 dollars, whereas the original delivery cost was only 711 dollars.

    Contrary to what Al, a person associated with the company, claims, he is not the owner. The actual owner is Henry, who also owns a variety of other moving companies, all seemingly connected under the Empire name. You can verify this information on

    Most of my items were severely damaged, broken, or destroyed upon delivery. Antiques that have been in my family for nearly 150-200 years are now beyond repair due to deep scratches, chips, and breaks. One particular item, my great grandmother’s bed from Ireland, which was featured on Antiques Roadshow and valued at over 15,000 dollars, suffered irreparable damage. Fortunately, we have personal insurance for these items, but the emotional pain remains. Our insurance company is also pursuing legal action against several agencies in Florida for fraud. These agencies have insurance policies that do not exist and use fictitious names. We have discovered one company that is currently insuring them, but they have indicated that our items may not be covered under the contract with Moving Kingdom, as Empire assumed responsibility when Moving Kingdom claimed to be going out of business. The insurance company is confused about who is who, and they might have to deny our claim. Thankfully, I have found an attorney in Georgia who has another client with similar issues regarding this company and is investigating their numerous violations.

    On the day of our delivery, the Department of Transportation arrived at “Al’s” home/office due to multiple complaints. It seems that people are beginning to take action.

    I have several links and contact information for the named insurance policy holders of these two (same) companies. If you wish to contact me, please ensure that your email address is entered correctly, as I have experienced delivery failures when attempting to respond to incorrect addresses.

    Please be aware that this company has violated several laws, including transporting items across state lines without proper registration, insurance, or licenses, price gouging, using fictitious business names and documentation, and employing extortion to force customers to pay more by holding their items hostage until their demands are met, often with cash or concealed funds.

    I had to involve a Department of Transportation agent to resolve the hostage situation and retrieve my belongings from Moving Kingdom’s office (also known as Empire Relocation). To add to the frustration, they significantly increased their estimate once they loaded my items onto the van.

    Unfortunately, this was just the beginning of a series of disappointments. I was repeatedly lied to about the delivery status of my belongings for three weeks straight. Despite being “assured” that my truck would depart the following day, the promises proved false. As time passed, the situation deteriorated further as I faced extortion, threats, and verbal abuse from different employees.

    When my shipment finally arrived, it was well past the agreed delivery timeframe on the bill of lading, and almost a month later than their estimated delivery date. To my dismay, every major piece of furniture was damaged, and some were completely broken. Additionally, several boxes went missing, and the back of one of our bookcases disappeared. Once again, the only reason they took action was due to the investigation conducted by the DOT.

    Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Moving Kingdom had their license revoked (for the second time) on January 2, 2007, and they carried out our move without proper insurance or credentials.

    The silver lining in all of this is that my ordeal with Moving Kingdom has finally come to an end.

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