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Lynx Freight Inc

1.0 Stars out of 5

1730 LA BOUNTY DR SUITE #9-275

USDOT#: 2466111
MC#: MC-870762

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2 reviews

    I recently shipped my car with Lynx Auto Transport for my move from Mobile, AL, to Dallas, TX. The booking was simple, and the pricing was clear from the start. They picked up my car a day later than initially planned, which was a bit inconvenient. However, their communication during this time was decent, keeping me in the loop. The car arrived in Dallas three days later, in the same condition it left, which was a relief. Their service was pretty good overall, but the slight delay in pickup was a bit of a letdown. Would possibly use them again, but I’d hope for better punctuality next time.

    Nothing but lies from the beginning. I hired Lynx because they made promises on a delivery date. They failed to deliver on time. Then they assured me that I was on the schedule to have my car picked up from the dealership on a Saturday and delivered to me on Monday. Before I signed the contract, I specifically asked if pick up and delivery would take place on the same day and they said yes. Anyways, Saturday came and went with no pickup. I finally told them to cancel my contract and refund the deposit. They asked for two more days, which I reluctantly gave them. The car was picked up the following Wednesday at about 7 pm and delivered at my house at 2:30am. The driver waiting until morning for payment. Well there was a $200 discrepancy between what Lynx agreed to pay the driver and my contract total. At that point they basically told me to “do the right thing” and pay the driver as he delivered the vehicle. I couldnt believe what I was hearing. In the end I ended up paying the driver $100 more than the contract stated and we both agreed that Lynx screwed both of us. I ended up paying $100 and the driver ended up getting $100 less than promised. The only explanation they provided was that the route was rough. I dont even know what that means. DONT EVER CONTACT THIS COMPANY

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