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J&S Transportation

1.0 Stars out of 5

P.O. Box 31292
Billings, MT 59107


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2 reviews

    This is Scott Chesarek, Co-Owner of J&S Transportation. I just ran across this review today (12/29/22) doing a search on Google. This is an extremely old review and one I didn’t even know existed. I actually spoke with Rachel at great length on the phone about her transport back in January 2020. Our conversation went great and everything was taken care of. Rachel mentioned she had left us a negative review and that after talking to me she would remove it. She must not have. We take customer service very seriously so while we were unable to get Rachel’s vehicle delivered for her, we bent over backwards to try to make it work and I called and talked to Rachel directly to explain to her what happened. She was very appreciative of my call and everything was resolved.

    I’m very disappointed in the reliability and communication of this company. We are a military family and when it comes to moves, car transportation is very important. My husband paid to have my car transported from CA to WA. First, we got a call last week saying that my car can get picked up. Called again and said nevermind, driver can’t do it. Told us possibly in a couple days instead. Friday came, no avail driver. Our approx pickup date is 1/21. Got another call saying Tues which is the same day our movers came and packed all our things. Said they couldn’t do it, but for sure the next day. Next day, which was yesterday, NOTHING AGAIN. Told us, absolute for sure today, especially since tomorrow we will be leaving for WA and that we’d get a call 2hrs prior to pickup location. Dispatcher called and CANCELLED. We’re very understanding and polite in dealing with it all up until now. This last minute/pushing dates thing is very unprofessional. Worst service we’ve experienced.

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