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Get it Done Transportation

1.9 Stars out of 5

Get it Done Transportation
Get it Done Transportation is a logistics and transportation company specialized in the timely delivery of goods nationwide. Based in the United States, the company prides itself on its efficiency, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Founded in 2005, Get it Done Transportation has grown to become one of the top logistics companies in the country. The company employs a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that goods are delivered on time and according to the specifications of the client.

Get it Done Transportation offers a wide range of logistics services, including warehousing, distribution, and transportation management. The company has a large fleet of trucks and trailers, which are equipped with the latest technology to guarantee the safe and timely transportation of goods.

The company has a strong commitment to sustainability and has implemented numerous environmentally friendly practices throughout its operations. Get it Done Transportation has also invested heavily in technology, including GPS tracking and real-time monitoring systems, to ensure the security of goods while in transit.

One of the key strengths of Get it Done Transportation is its ability to provide customized solutions to meet the unique needs of each client. The company works closely with clients to develop tailored logistics plans that optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize risks.

Overall, Get it Done Transportation is an established and respected logistics company that has earned a reputation for excellence in the industry. With its focus on efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, the company is poised for continued growth and success in the years ahead.


USDOT#: 2248088
MC#: MC-735113

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14 reviews

    I regret hiring Get It Done Transportation to transport my Honda Accord from New York to California. In my experience, they were the worst company I have dealt with. Initially, they quoted me a price of $1400, but later informed me that they could not find a transport service to take my vehicle for that amount. Eventually, they found someone, but it was too late as I had to pay additional storage fees to Copart, along with another $100.

    Furthermore, the company was expected to deliver my car in six days, but it took them ten days to do so. I contacted Joe, requesting an update on the delay, but received no response from him. It seems as though they are only interested in taking your money and leaving you to deal with any issues that arise. It was left to me to locate the company and inquire about the status of my delivery. At first, they claimed to be a transport company, but later revealed themselves to be just dispatchers.

    AVOID AVOID AVOID! It’s best to steer clear of this company as I unfortunately had to report them for fraud to my bank in order to get my money back. They rescheduled my appointment for over a month and then went back on their word about issuing a refund. These scammers caused me and my client to lose valuable time and a significant amount of money. Don’t make the same mistake, do your research and check their BBB rating before considering doing business with them.

    This business is fraudulent! I made arrangements for my automobile to be collected on a Saturday, but was informed after submitting my deposit that Saturdays were problematic and it would have to be moved to Monday. However, I did not receive any communication regarding my vehicle not being picked up until I reached out to the company and was informed that the pickup was now slated for Tuesday. They promised a transportation period of 1 to 2 days from Northern California to Denver, but Wednesday came and went without any communication from the company. I contacted them once more, and they revealed that there would be an additional two-day wait. The car eventually arrived on Friday night. I asked the company owner for reimbursement for the two extra days of rental car expenses, but was instructed to reach out to the transportation company they had contracted with. How is this reasonable or ethical business conduct? I was sold on the notion of going straight to the transport company only to find myself dealing with a subcontractor. To add to the turmoil, they also neglected to return my Tesla key when delivering the vehicle. This was a total nightmare and a terrible experience. AVOID THIS FRAUDULENT BUSINESS AT ALL COSTS!

    This company acts as a broker and contracts out car moves to independent trucking companies. Despite booking a month in advance and specifying the need for the car in Virginia by October 19th, the company promised a pickup on October 17th and a 2-3 day transport time. When the customer requested an earlier pickup, the company discouraged it and followed through with a pickup on October 18th. The customer was also given inconsistent estimates of transportation time, with the car only arriving in Virginia one week later than needed. The business had fake positive reviews on certain sites, but negative reviews on others. The customer had to pay for additional transportation costs and filed a complaint with the BBB, only to be met with blame and a disregard for their concerns. It is advised to avoid this company based on their history of lying and poor service.

    Before contracting Get It Done Transportation, it is strongly recommended that one checks their complaints. This is based on my personal experience where I paid a deposit of $190 towards the $1,090 towing fee from GA to TX one month before the scheduled pick up date on September 20th. However, a month later, I received a request to submit my card information and pay a deposit to secure my spot. On September 12th, they attempted to tow my car earlier than agreed, but they claimed it was a confusion and promised to send me an email confirmation. Nevertheless, they charged me an unauthorized $200, claiming the driver they assigned me was more expensive. I was left confused as they never mentioned any changes to the price, which raised a red flag.

    Subsequently, they sent me an email stating a different amount of $1,140, explaining it was a typo and would be corrected. On the actual day of the pick-up, I had to call multiple times to get updates and was promised calls back, but nothing was forthcoming. This led me to cancel the services due to lack of communication and shady behavior. Upon checking their 1-star ratings on other websites, I learned that many others had similar experiences.

    Not only did they fail to provide the transportation service, but they also pocketed my $390 deposit without responding to my numerous calls, emails, or text messages. I had to resort to using a different number to trick them into responding, but the refund was given without an apology or explanation. Therefore, I caution anyone against using Get It Done Transportation, whose lowball pricing strategy could lead to loss of money and zero services rendered. One should always check Yelp reviews and not be swayed by their 5-star ratings, as others have similar stories of mechanical issues, lateness, and other excuses.

    If it were possible to give this company zero stars, I certainly would. As a military family, we decided to have our cars shipped instead of driving cross country during our move. However, the experience turned out to be a complete nightmare. The pick-up was scheduled for a Monday but due to a driver’s “fender bender,” it eventually happened in the early hours of Saturday morning. The company had been making empty promises of a timely pick-up for days.

    To add insult to injury, an employee insisted that he was doing us a favor by “eating the cost” of using a different carrier, as though we had somehow caused the inconvenience. Meanwhile, I had already left the state after purchasing an airline ticket and had to rent a car. The delivery was eventually over a week late.

    When I asked Joe about prorating the cost of the delivery since I had spent over $500 on rental cars, he flatly refused. He argued that I could have cancelled at any time during the process and he would have refunded me. However, if it wasn’t for the repeated empty promises of a timely pick-up, I would have cancelled.

    Honestly, I cannot recommend this company at all unless they significantly improve their customer service.

    I am thoroughly dissatisfied with the service provided by Get it Done transportation. Initially, I was provided a quote of $1690 for transporting my vehicle from Massachusetts to California and was informed by phone to provide my details for an easier process. However, upon confirmation, I was charged a deposit of $290 instead of the agreed $190. When I raised my concern with Joe, he explained that it was due to their expensive services and promised that the total would remain the same.

    I selected June 23 as my preferred pickup date and was promised a +/- 2 days guarantee. However, after having to call Joe for an update, I was informed that the car could not be picked up on June 23 or 24 and was pushed to June 27. Disappointingly, on June 29, the pickup was scheduled for $1840 instead of the agreed $1690. After expressing my displeasure to Joe and Dave, the company boss, they offered a $75 discount, bringing the total to $1765.

    The car was eventually picked up on June 29 and upon arrival, the truck driver indicated that the price of shipment was $1650 as quoted by Get it Done transportation. Efforts to contact Joe and Dave yielded no response. After paying $1650 to the driver, I called Joe and Dave, but they were slow to respond and promised to look into the matter, which they failed to do even after 1.5 weeks.

    In total, I spent $1940 ($290 + $1650) and feel cheated by the whole process. I do not recommend this company and advise others to beware of their services.

    This transportation company deserves a rating of negative five, if only it were possible. They slyly charged me an extra $50 in addition to the deposit I had already paid, messed with my head by changing the delivery date on multiple occasions, and eventually deceived me by falsely promising a refund for the credit card charge they had made. To top it all off, they never completed the delivery of the motorcycle. Overall, I find transportation companies to be somewhat misleading, but I would strongly advise steering clear of this particular one like the plague.

    Get it Done delivered my car eight days late and broke many of their promises to me in the process: In early June I got a quote from Get it Done to transport my car across the country. Their website states: “We guarantee all our quotes for 30 days. That doesn’t mean you have to ship within 30 days, but you do have to book within 30 days of receiving our quote to get our fixed-rate guarantee.” I did book within a few days of my quote, which was an all inclusive $1,290. The amount I ended up paying, including Get it Done’s fee, was $1,640. Get it Done’s website also states: “We never require a deposit. We will never have you pay a driver directly. You will not be charged until the driver picks up your car. Even then, your driver will not be paid until they deliver so they remain highly motivated to complete the task.” However, I was forced to pay a $190 deposit. Still, I went with them because they told me they would make sure I got my car on July 2nd. Then, in late June, before my car was supposed to be picked up, I did not hear from them, and after trying to reach them for several days, I was told my car would be picked up a few days later than initially promised. But I was assured the car would still arrive on July 2nd. After two more days of trying to get in touch with them and not hearing anything, I was told that they needed to find me a new driver and that the car would now be delivered July 3rd or 4th. My car was not delivered July 3rd, or 4th, and I never heard from the driver. Every day, I tried to call Get it Done and ask them what was going on, and either they would not pick up or return my calls, or they would let me know that they would call me back and try to get the situation figured out. However, I never got any calls back and never got any information from them about what was getting “figured out.” The next date they gave me for delivery was Monday, July 5th, and Tuesday the 6th at the very latest. When my car did not come at that time, they assured me it would come Wednesday July 7th. On Wednesday, when my car did not come, I was finally able to contact the driver myself, and was told that the car was expected to arrive over the weekend. Ultimately, my car was delivered to me July 10, and I was forced to pay the driver directly, despite Get it Done’s promise that I would not personally be forced to pay the driver. Throughout the process, I was in active contact with Get it Done, communicating my concerns. I asked them repeatedly for what they could to make the situation right, and was never given any answers. Finally, upon receiving the car, I asked them for a refund due to their very late delivery and broken promises. They refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing on their part whatsoever, refused to refund me for the deposit I gave them, and called me a “bully.” Further, they attempted to intimidate me into not opening a dispute with my credit card, falsely stating that for me to do so would be illegal. I am appalled at Get it Done. This has been the worst experience I have ever had dealing with any company.

    Lack of follow-through and minimal communication, coupled with higher costs than competitors, made my short trip from LA to San Francisco a less-than-pleasant experience with Get It Done. Opting for a larger company would have been a better choice as Get It Done appeared to be only a transport broker with limited knowledge of the actual driver’s reliability. While I support smaller businesses in these trying times, I regret my decision as it did not pay off. The car eventually arrived in good shape but a day late at 1am- and throughout the process, Get It Done was unaware of its location, the driver, or estimated arrival time, despite their promises to call me back which they never kept. My advice is to steer clear of Get It Done and seek alternative options for a timelier and reasonably priced service with peace of mind.


    I am reaching out to ANYONE and EVERYONE who is even thinking of using Get it Done Transportation, 7700 Belmonte Blvd, Margate, FL 33063 due to my abhorrent experience. Hopefully, you will heed my warning and save yourselves MAJOR aggravation.

    I contacted David Pein, Get it Done Transportation, regarding transport of my car from Alabama to Connecticut. He was pleasant and professional on the phone, so I made the arrangement for my car. After Get it Done Transportation received my $150 deposit, there was NO communication with the man. I repeatedly attempted to contact him because there was medications that I needed for the next week. I was ASSURED that the car would be delivered NLT 03AUG.

    I have yet to receive any/all information from David Pein (Owner) regarding my car that was picked up 01AUG. And that was the last time I heard anything from Get it Done Transportation – after REPEATED emails, voice mails and text mails!!!

    Appalling communication, horrendous Customer Service, totally apathetic regarding customer concerns!!!!

    It’s real simple, they are all Brokers ! in one form or another. They simply get you the fairest price to pick up a car and drop it off ! No magic to it. Call David and that’s all it takes, he gets a driver and they pick it up. Then the driver calls you and you meet up at a large parking lot and you get your car. David always answers his phone, unlike the dispatcher for the driver. The driver answered his phone every time I called 3x. Thanks David

    My car was delivered quicker than I expected. Great job. Thank you. There is misunderstanding of billing but it got resolved.

    This company was very very professional and I would use them again if this type of serive was needed again. the car was delivered on time damage free at the exact price I was quoted. Thank you

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