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Freedom Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5

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Freedom Auto Transport is a company that provides auto transport services. They offer door-to-door service where they pick up your vehicle from your home or office, then deliver it to its destination. This means you don’t have to deal with any paperwork or wait around while someone else takes care of it.


USDOT#: 2247218
MC#: MC-720433

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18 reviews

    Awful! We contacted Jon Epstein of Freedom Auto Transport a few weeks in development of our required transportation. He estimated us an amount and recommended us to choose a 5 day screen for the automobile to be selected up. As the schedules contacted we contacted him for an upgrade and were confident he was operating on it. On the first day of our “window” we had still not observed from him and known as again. He ongoing to say he was operating on it and started creating excuses- energy costs, etc. Day 2 of our screen we chosen to terminate and then make other preparations. Would never use Freedom Auto Transport, nor relate them.

    I wish that I could provide a adverse or zero ranking for Freedom Auto Transport, but unfortunately this site does not allow for this. I patiently waited around for 24 time, beginning from 7-8pm on Friday, and they selected up my car at 8pm. Keep in thoughts, they had the rudest support, had no interaction, and when I known as to grumble, they held responsible my having to hang on on me, as if it were my mistake that all this had happened. This is the most severe client support encounter that I have ever had. The individual above me, ruth r. is very right. If you want justifications and urine inadequate support, use this organization. Otherwise, please do NOT, NOT, NOT use a reverse phone lookup. Seriously. The client above me is very right on. They stress you to get compensated, but after that, they just fall off the head of the world and don’t provide you with a phone contact at all.

    Trying to get an upright response from Freedom Auto Transport is surprisingly difficult and the few times I did are able to get an upright response they could not adhere to it and they kept modifying their response. Never do business with the corporation.

    Warning!!! Please stay away from this organization. Here is my tale I used uship website to look for the organization and discovered this Independence which I believed is genuine with so many opinions. I known as them and talked to guy known as Anthony Pravata and got a quotation of 500$ to deliver my car from Pittsburgh, PA to Windfall, RI (~500 miles). I was advised they will contact me 2-3 times in enhance of the get time frame to ensure time frame and time, which they never known as and I had to every day for 2-3 times before the day of choose as I wished to make sure that everything is taken care as I would be making my important factors with someone. On the day of the get no one approached me and when I tried giving them a phone contact there was no reaction, for next day it was the same. So I had to go to another organization using the same uship website and the new company(door to door) provided me quotation of 625$ I said ok and advised them about what occurred with the Independence, they were like since the quotation is so low they might have ceased responding to my phone calls I was like how do you know that the quotation I never advised them and your ex was like, she was able to get my information using my phone no. Ok I believed since its all though uship website I believed they can perspective the information.

    So now after 3 times of the unique shipping time frame this guy tony morrison a2z phone calls return (Freedom Auto Transport) and says he was not in office for last 2-3 times and he predicted that my car has already been delivered, when I advised he the tale that no one known as me or came to deliver my car, he served as if he doesn’t know anything and advised that he will discover someone instantly, known as me returning (first time contacting me back) and said that he discovered a car owner who can come up the very next day but expenses a little more than the unique quotation and when I requested what is the new quotation you won’t believe it’s the exactly the same quotation that the new organization (door to door) has given me.

    That’s it then I realized that all these firms are connected exclusively all the transportation businesses that have California deal with. Please stay away from these firms, I have all the certification in regards to this. Its been weekly I already transferred to new town and still I don’t have my car. Invested an extra 200$ in rental-car.

    Plenty of guarantees – even the Freedom Auto Transport web page declares they use their own navy of automobiles, guarantees a 48 time get from approval of agreement. The motorists are subcontracted and we are now on 7 days two of awaiting our automobiles to be grabbed. Fortunately we provided them no cash in enhance. The motorist did not even know who he was employed by as it was shortened through two different organizations major returning to FAT. I have verbal to the car owner who has grabbed ONE of our automobiles and he seems very awesome. Hopefully the car will appear securely with no harm to. We are going to agreement straight with the hauler for the next two automobiles and cut the center man out.

    Let me just say – I still don’t have my automobiles. I have complications getting a keep of anyone and they simply provided the contact variety of the organization Freedom Auto Transport brokered it to. I had a difficult time frame for pick-up which was skipped. I had to go away my automobiles, which were going to be pulled. Lastly, they were selected up and guaranteed a distribution day the following day. No display and no contact. Of course I could not get a keep of Independence so I known as the Soviets they employed. They said the automobiles were about an hot away – but the car owner did not want to focus on the end of the week, so maybe thursday – enraged, I required to know the deal with of where the automobiles were, and I’m arriving to get them myself- I was installed up on. My spouse known as and was installed up on. Now I’m about to review the automobiles as thieved. Of course after several cellphone calls to Independence, still no contact back again from them. Avoid.

    Freedom Auto Transport Will Not Pay For Loss due to moving my vehicles. Employed a subcontractor from Dayton oh after i hired Independence Automatic thru UShip. Broken my automobile when running and neither company will pay for it after MANY unsuccessful guarantees. Do NOt HIRE Independence Automatic Transportation or United states Protection Transportation if you anticipate any type of client support or quality transport of your automobiles. BEWARE!!!

    The girl at Freedom Auto Transport assisting me was obviously dyslexic. It was concerning that she regularly would do it again my mathematical details ( cope with, zip, card figures…) with figures turned around. I believed she was kidding around at first, because she did seem helpful and type of a silly character.. After the first pick-up time frame was went by a 7 days. 5 I known as, got justifications and a guarantee my car would be selected up by the end each 7 days. The 7 days approved, the following wednesday I refer to them as to consult. The same lady looks up my details and says she has a service provider in that area now and she’d contact me returning in 30 minutes. One time goes with no contact, so I refer to them as. No response, I contact again…and again, and on the 4th manage a man solutions, surprisingly the actual, who’s personal mobile phone their 888 number goes too after hours, and he was incredibly impolite to me about contacting. When I mentioned that his worker said she’d contact me returning in 30 minutes, he disturbed me and said “well then she’ll contact you.” atfer which I completed my phrase with “that was over and time ago” then he just installed up. I e-mailed them two different ways right away eliminating my transportation and I am making the journey myself to get the car. I HATE generating long ranges and I HATE hauling a movie trailer. But I’d rather cope with these things I dislike than give this “business” any of my money.

    If you want excuses and no service? Use Freedom Auto Transport. They subcontracted with an organization in San Paul that tried to con me out of more income then I had decided to. TERRIBLE at coming back again phone calls and responding to mobile phones. 2 several weeks later and they STILL have my car keys? Now, that would be awesome if I could get those back! They were however VERY quick asking for my bank cards.

    Most severe and scams organization. I reserved with Freedom Auto Transport using the uship website which had excellent opinions, and they estimated excellent quantity. But their reaction is very inadequate, guy known as Anthony Pravata was the one I was touching. He never known as me with information and I had to adhere to up every day to ensure that its all planned. Then on the day of the get he ceased choosing my cellphone calls no reaction, and then I had no option so I went to another organization using the same uship website that estimated a 125$ additional then independence and I was ok and I informed them about what I was going through and instantly I don’t they drawn up my information using my cellphone no and advised that since I selected the smallest quotation they are preventing me. I was like whatever and said I i would like to get my car delivered as I already transferred to new town and without a car so had to go for a rental-car. Then this guy from Freedom cellphone calls me returning and says he was off and was sorry were as if he couldn’t know anything and he believed that the car owner has approached me for the get, and then when I advised him that no one known as me and I had no reaction from the organization, then he said let me discover someone instantly and known as me returning, this is the new he contacting me and advised me that the car owner is asking for little additional and you know what that’s exactly the same quantity that the new organization estimated me and I was like you all people are connected and enjoying with clients and trying to cost the clients can use by postponing the routine, as they know that we would have no other option other than recognizing the new and quotation. Don’t suggest them at all!!

    This business did not reveal expenses and did not provide on their support that was guaranteed. On 9/2/16 I inquired about moving my Automobile from TN to NC and we mentioned in depth the unique needs of your automobile because of its small dimension. They estimated me a price and on 9/2/16. On 9/6/16 I known as back to set up a distribution. They mentioned it would take 1-3 times for a person to be set up. On 9/7/16 “Julian” known as me to set up the car owner but improved the cost from what was estimated of $295 to a complete of $325. I was advised $125 of this cost goes to their organization and $200 is due on distribution in cash to the car owner. I hesitantly opted for the more expensive despite my before quotation. They sent a person and he rejected to get your automobile in an area that clearly had quick access. On 9/12/16 they sent a second car owner to get your automobile. Upon appearance he found that your automobile required a unique movie trailer because of its dimension and he was not advised of this previously as he should have been. Again this was something Independence Car shipping and I mentioned in length. The car owner was not advised properly and both motorists did not call me before to trying to get your automobile. Since I live in a different state than your automobile is situated, I required to connect via telephone. I had been in contact with Independence Automatic Transportation a complete of 6 times just trying to get a position on what was going on. During two of these many telephone calls to follow up on the position, I inquired if I would have to pay the $125 cost to their organization if they were not able to provide since they were having so much trouble finishing their support. On both telephone calls I was advised it was not a problem. There was a significant no interaction and I DID NOT indication any contract that declares I pay their organization if they are not able to provide their support. They billed me the $125 anyway even though they never finished up providing my car!

    DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE!!! They are agents that try to range up truck drivers and are lower at it. Scott is such a bad liar he even befuddles himself with the can be found he is informing. I pay a lot of focus on factors, and they are not so great information. Once I compensated, interaction ceased and I was on my own. For those looking to handle, there are many that don’t cost until the rentals are provided. Thanks!!!

    BAIT & SWITCH! Got lucky Freedom Auto Transport Scott arranged for transport from Fort Lauderdale to NYC.driver was good. ( contractor) Showed up delivered ok. Only problem was they picked they picked the car up, and ended up putting on some miles. Today I toll charges the incurred..I spoke to Scott. VERY Disappointed he,s from my home town.

    Agree with other customers below.Bought a car at an public auction in VA and was informed i should receive it by 6/26/15,before public auction starts to charge storage space.i was informed on 6/25 and 6/26 that car owner is at public auction picking up automobile.A couple occasions i got placed on hold for about 10 minutes.Vehicle wasn’t picked up until Thursday afternoon and i got charged storage space for 3 days.Very disappointed.Been in automotive business for over 10 years and first time experinced public auction storage space regarding driver!

    This evaluation is based on trying to have them deliver a little pop-up luxury camper, not a motor vehicle.

    I would prevent Independence Automatic Transportation as much as possible. I known as them to see if they could deliver a little pop-up luxury camper from Oh to Florida. They said of course and provided an estimate. Several days went by and I had not observed anything, so I made a decision to contact and I was advised that they had found a transporter and would get it that Saturday all they required was an initial down payment to confirm/hold the area. Saturday came and went and never observed anything from them. I made a decision to contact another delivery organization and they explained to me that my pop-up was still detailed on the delivery panel (which indicates that no one had consented to deliver it).

    Freedom Auto Transport is a unethical organization that will not know what they are doing and seems it is OK to lie to their clients.

    I reserved with them, and they estimated good rate. But their solution is very very inadequate. They don’t call returning. They went over 1 week beyond my delivery screen, even then they don’t seem to react returning… They came returning with $200 expensive choice than estimated which is absurd. Don’t suggest them at all!!

    Purchased a car in Wi and desired to deliver it to NYC. I was informed by a dispatcher “Jake” that your car would appear on a Weekend, not a issue, I took off of labor anticipating the car to be provided. I contact the dispatcher and he informs me that your car would be capable of making it on Weekend because of a difference. I requested Mike for a deduction because of my missing day. He said he will “try his best” . Nowadays is the next day (Saturday) and I known as no response, there was no upgrade (meaning I will have to take off of focus on Monday) I known as the primary variety and made a very specific concept. The corporation needs to have a client support hotline. There is little to no interaction within this organization. I’m very disappointed with how they do company.

    Would give zero celebrities if I could. Reserved through U Deliver. Approved their bid. Guaranteed to come Weekend or Weekend. No phone calls , known as them then it was Fri or Sat. Weekend came and remaining known as Weekend. Was informed either delayed Weekend or def. beginning Weekend. delivery said contact car owner. Driver had no voicemail messages. Lastly got the motorist Weekend night at 7. Said he delivered the last car and would contact me within a 30 minutes to get guidelines. No one known as and again tried contacting car owner back but he would not choose up and could not keep vm. Lastly known as delivery Thursday beginning morning and they requested what the problem was as they had it noticeable that my car had been grabbed. Lastly was informed a car owner would be at my home within a 30 minutes. Driver reveals up and I ask if I’m still on routine to get my car Weekend. He says of course and takes my car. Nowadays is Weekend. No one has known as so I contact organization. Ends up car owner has been delayed and car won’t be here until Fri. organization says plan is to let me know 24 hours in enhance that my car will be delayed. I say no one known as and I have been patiently waiting all beginning morning. If they had let me know about wait I could have organized accommodations. Independence Transportation apologized and says he doesn’t know what actually occurred and he is sorry but nothing they can do. STAY AWAY!!!!

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