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Freedom Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5

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Freedom Auto Transport is a company that provides auto transport services. They offer door-to-door service where they pick up your vehicle from your home or office, then deliver it to its destination. This means you don’t have to deal with any paperwork or wait around while someone else takes care of it.


USDOT#: 2247218
MC#: MC-720433

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20 reviews

    How a scam company. Their brokers have not own orders. Thieves, alway steal other compnies’ orders that posted on the board. Never contact this scam company. If some1 contacts just ignore them. Never do the business with thieves. STAY AWAY!!!

    For the past 8 years, I have utilized the services of this company to transport my hot rods for buying and selling purposes. Unfortunately, their transportation services have been unreliable and have caused significant damage to my rides, some worth over $100,000, during the loading and unloading process. Despite these mishaps, the company refuses to support me by engaging with insurance and essentially ignores my concerns. Most recently, my Custom 64 was scratched extensively while being loaded, and the unprofessional driver was not even insured. They are nothing but a broker, leaving their clients to deal with unsatisfactory third-party transportation. I strongly advise you to pay more to work with a reputable company that values the quality and care of your ride. You will undoubtedly regret using this company, so stay away.

    Awful! A few weeks prior to needing transportation, we made contact with Jon Epstein from Freedom Auto Transport. He provided an estimate and recommended a 5-day window for vehicle pickup. As the scheduled pickup date approached, we sought an update from him and were reassured that he was on it. However, the first day of the window arrived and we had yet to hear from him, prompting us to call again. At this point, he made excuses such as fuel costs and continued to assure us that he was working on it. On the second day of the window, we decided to cancel and make alternative arrangements due to his lack of communication and progress. We would not recommend Freedom Auto Transport to anyone.

    Unfortunately, this site does not permit me to give a negative 5 star or 0 star review for Freedom Auto Transport, but I truly wish I could. I waited for a full 24 hours, from 7-8pm on Friday, for them to pick up my car at 8pm. Their customer service was incredibly rude with no communication and when I made a complaint, they blamed me for having to wait. This was by far the worst customer service experience I have ever had. The previous reviewer, ruth r., hit the nail on the head about this company. If you want excuses and subpar service, then go ahead and use them. However, I highly advise against it. The reviewer above me is absolutely correct. They push for payment, but then disappear without providing a phone number for follow-up.

    Obtaining a straightforward answer from Freedom Auto Transport proved to be unexpectedly challenging. Even when I managed to receive one, they failed to follow through and consistently altered their reply. It’s unwise to engage in any dealings with this company.

    WARNING! Avoid this organization at all costs. I used uship to find Freedom Auto Transport and thought they were a legitimate company based on their numerous positive reviews. After speaking to Anthony Pravata and receiving a quote of $500 to transport my car 500 miles from Pittsburgh, PA to Windfall, RI, I was assured they would contact me 2-3 days in advance to confirm the pick-up time and date. However, they never called, and I had to reach out to them repeatedly to make sure everything was set for the pick-up date.

    On the day of pick-up, no one showed up, and my attempts to contact them went unanswered. I had to seek out another company through uship, which charged me $625 for door-to-door service. When I relayed my experience with Independence to the new company, they explained that Freedom may have stopped responding to my calls due to my low quote. Also, after three days past my original pick-up time, Tony Morrison from Freedom finally called, claiming he had been out of the office and thought my car had already been delivered. He then tried to arrange for a driver to pick up my car the next day but quoted me the exact same price as the new company I had already hired.

    I discovered that all these companies are linked, operating out of California. I advise you to steer clear of them. It has been a week, and I still have not received my car, resulting in an additional $200 rental car expense. I have all the documentation to back up my claims.

    Despite the claims made on Freedom Auto Transport’s website about their dependable fleet of vehicles and 48-hour retrieval guarantee, we have been left waiting for two weeks for our cars to be picked up. Fortunately, we did not pay any upfront fees. The driver who picked up one of our cars was hired through multiple middlemen, and was unaware of who he was working for. Despite this, the driver seems pleasant, and we hope our car arrives without any damage. We have decided to bypass the middleman and communicate directly with the hauler for our remaining two vehicles.

    To put it simply, I have not yet received my cars. I encountered difficulties in reaching someone responsible and was only given the contact information of the company that Freedom Auto Transport brokered with. The pickup time that I had set was missed, and I had to leave behind my cars that were supposed to be towed. They were eventually picked up and a delivery date was promised for the next day but they did not show up or communicate. As such, I tried to contact Freedom, but to no avail. I then reached out to the Soviets that they hired, who said that the cars were about an hour away, but the driver did not want to work on the weekend, perhaps on Monday. Furious, I demanded that they give me the address to where my cars were, and I intended to retrieve them myself, but was hung up on. My spouse also tried to call but was hung up on as well. At this point, I am seriously considering reporting my cars as stolen. I have called Freedom numerous times but have yet to receive a response. I advise avoiding them.

    Freedom Auto Transport disclaimed al liablility for any loss incurred during the transportation of my vehicles. I was connected with a subcontractor from Dayton, OH after hiring Freedom through UShip, but unfortunately, my car was damaged while in transit, and despite multiple assurances, neither company is willing to compensate me for the damages. I advise against hiring Freedom if you are looking for quality transportation or reliable customer support for your vehicles. I warn you to be careful!

    The employee who assisted me at Freedom Auto Transport appeared to have dyslexia, which was concerning as she often entered my details incorrectly, such as my address, zip code, and credit card information. At first, I thought she was joking around as she seemed helpful and had a funny personality. However, after a week had passed from the initial pick-up date, I called to inquire about my car’s transportation and received excuses and promises that it would be picked up by the end of the week. Despite these reassurances, another week went by without any updates. When I called again, the same employee informed me that there was a carrier in the area and that she would call back in 30 minutes. However, I never received a call, and after several attempts to contact them, a rude man answered and told me that the employee would call me back. Frustrated, I decided to cancel my transportation and make the journey myself, despite my dislike of driving long distances and hauling trailers. I refused to give this “business” any more of my money.

    Looking for a company that prioritizes excuses over service? Look no further than this particular Company. They have partnered with a San Diego-based subcontractor that attempted to deceive me into paying more than the agreed-upon amount. Their responsiveness is abysmal, as they consistently fail to return calls or answer phones. It has been two weeks, and I am still waiting for them to return my car keys. It would be great to have those back! On the other hand, they were impressively swift when it came to charging my credit card.

    The company I booked with through the uship portal had initially good reviews and quoted a reasonable rate. However, their response and communication were extremely poor. My main point of contact was Anthony Pravata, who never called me with the necessary details. Instead, I had to follow up with him every day to ensure that everything was on schedule.

    On the day of the scheduled pick-up, Anthony suddenly stopped answering my calls and providing any response. Left with no other choice, I decided to book with another company through the uship portal, even though they quoted $125 higher than the initial company. When I explained my situation to the new company, they immediately accessed my details using my phone number and informed me that, because I had chosen the lowest quote, the initial company was purposely avoiding me.

    Although I was initially frustrated, I simply wanted to get my car shipped as I had already relocated to a new city and needed a vehicle. However, out of the blue, Anthony from the initial company called me back, claiming he was off and unaware of the situation. He pretended to be oblivious to the lack of communication and expressed his apologies for any inconvenience caused. He gave the impression that he thought the driver had already contacted me for the pick-up, which was not the case.

    Upon informing him that nobody had called or responded to me, he promised to immediately find someone to handle the situation and called me back. This was the first time he had reached out to me personally. During this call, he mentioned that the driver would charge a slightly higher fee. Interestingly, this additional charge was exactly the same amount as the quote I received from the new company. The whole situation made me suspect that all these companies were interconnected and purposely trying to manipulate and overcharge customers by delaying the schedule, as they were aware that we had no other choice but to accept a new, higher quote.

    I strongly advise against using this company. I have all the documentation and emails to support my claims, which I am willing to provide if anyone questions the validity of my review.

    This business failed to disclose charges and did not fulfill their promised service. On September 2, 2016, I inquired about transporting my vehicle from TN to NC and we extensively discussed its special requirements due to its small size. They provided me with a price quote on the same day. On September 6, 2016, I called them to arrange for the delivery, and they informed me that it would take 1-3 days to assign a driver. On September 7, 2016, “Julian” contacted me to schedule the driver but increased the charge from the initially quoted $295 to a total of $325. They explained that $125 of this charge goes to their company, and the remaining $200 is to be paid in cash to the driver upon delivery. Despite my hesitation, I reluctantly agreed to the higher cost based on their revised quote. They assigned a driver who then refused to pick up the vehicle from an easily accessible location. On September 12, 2016, they sent a second driver who, upon arrival, discovered that the vehicle required a special trailer due to its size, which was not communicated to him as it should have been. This was something Freedom Auto Transport and I extensively discussed beforehand. Neither driver contacted me prior to attempting to pick up the vehicle, even though I reside in a different state. In order to communicate, I had to rely on telephone communication. Throughout the process, I contacted Freedom Auto Transport over six days simply to obtain updates on their progress. During two of these calls, I inquired whether I would be required to pay the $125 charge to their company if they were unable to complete the service, considering the significant difficulties they were experiencing. On both occasions, I was assured that it would not be an issue. However, there was a significant lack of communication, and I did not sign any agreement stating that I would be liable to pay their company if they failed to fulfill their service. Despite never delivering my car, they still charged me the $125 fee.

    AVOID USING THESE INDIVIDUALS!!! They work as brokers attempting to connect truckers, but their competency is seriously lacking. Scott, in particular, is an incredibly inept liar, often stumbling over his own fabrications. With a keen eye for detail, I can definitively say that these individuals are highly unreliable. Once payment was made, all lines of communication abruptly ceased, leaving me to handle everything alone. For those seeking transportation services, there are numerous alternatives that only charge upon successful delivery. Thank you for your attention!

    BAIT & SWITCH! Got lucky Freedom Auto Transport Scott arranged for transport from Fort Lauderdale to NYC.driver was good. ( contractor) Showed up delivered ok. Only problem was they picked they picked the car up, and ended up putting on some miles. Today I toll charges the incurred..I spoke to Scott. VERY Disappointed he,s from my home town.

    Agree with other customers below.Bought a car at an public auction in VA and was informed i should receive it by 6/26/15,before public auction starts to charge storage space.i was informed on 6/25 and 6/26 that car owner is at public auction picking up automobile.A couple occasions i got placed on hold for about 10 minutes.Vehicle wasn’t picked up until Thursday afternoon and i got charged storage space for 3 days.Very disappointed.Been in automotive business for over 10 years and first time experinced public auction storage space regarding driver!

    I strongly advise against choosing Freedom Auto Transport for your shipping needs. My experience with them was focused on transporting a small pop-up camper, not an automobile. Unfortunately, I had an incredibly negative encounter with this company.

    Initially, I contacted Freedom Auto Transport to inquire about their ability to ship my small pop-up camper from Ohio to California. They assured me they could handle it and provided me with a quote. However, after several days passed without any communication, I decided to reach out to them for an update. To my disappointment, they informed me that they had already secured a shipper and the pickup was scheduled for that Friday. To confirm the arrangement, they requested a deposit.

    However, Friday came and went, and I never received any further communication from Freedom Auto Transport. Frustratingly, I discovered that my pop-up camper still remained listed on the shipping board, indicating that no agreement had been reached with any shipping company.

    The actions of Freedom Auto Transport clearly indicate a lack of integrity and competence. They have proven themselves to be dishonest and untrustworthy, willing to deceive their customers without remorse. Consequently, I strongly discourage anyone from utilizing their services.

    I made a reservation with them, and they initially offered a favorable rate. However, their level of communication has been extremely unsatisfactory. They have failed to return my calls and have exceeded the agreed upon shipping window by over a week. Even after this delay, they have not provided any satisfactory responses. To make matters worse, their revised quote is $200 more expensive than the original, which is highly unreasonable. I strongly discourage anyone from using their services.

    I purchased a car in Wisconsin with the intention of having it shipped to NYC. A dispatcher named “Jake” assured me that the vehicle would arrive on Friday without any issues. Based on this information, I took a day off work, expecting the car to be delivered. However, when I contacted Jake, he informed me that there was a discrepancy, and the vehicle would not be able to make it on Friday. Due to the inconvenience caused by this change, I requested a discount from Jake. He responded by saying he would “try his best.”

    The next day, Saturday, I attempted to contact Jake again, but he did not answer. Unfortunately, there was no update on the status of the delivery, leaving me with no choice but to take another day off work on Monday. Frustrated by the lack of communication within the company, I decided to call the main number and left a detailed message explaining my situation. It is imperative for this company to establish a customer service hotline. Overall, I am highly dissatisfied with their poor business practices and the way they handle customer communication.

    I would give zero stars if possible. I made a reservation through Uship and approved a bid. The delivery was guaranteed to occur over the weekend, but I received no phone calls. I contacted them on Friday or Saturday, and they informed me that there may be a delay until the next weekend. I reached out again on the weekend and was told it would be delayed or definitely starting the following weekend.

    I was instructed to contact the car owner for further information, but the driver did not have voicemail messages. Finally, I was able to reach the driver on Sunday night at 7 pm, who said he delivered the last car and would contact me within 30 minutes for directions. However, no one called back, and when I tried calling the car owner, they did not answer and their voicemail was full.

    After numerous attempts, I called the delivery company back on Thursday morning and they asked why I was contacting them, as my car had already been picked up. They assured me a driver would be at my home within 30 minutes. A driver eventually arrived, and I confirmed if my car would still be delivered on Sunday, to which they replied affirmatively and took my car.

    Today is Sunday, and I have not received any calls, so I decided to contact the company. They informed me that the driver was delayed, and my car would not arrive until Friday. They explained that their policy is to notify customers 24 hours in advance if there will be a delay. However, I argued that no one had called me earlier, and I had been waiting all morning. If they had informed me of the delay, I could have arranged for a rental car.

    The representative from Freedom Transportation apologized, expressed that they were unsure about what had actually happened, and claimed there was nothing they could do. I strongly advise avoiding this company.

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