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Flyby Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5


USDOT#: 3234567
MC#: MC-1014765

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5 reviews


    Huge warning for FLYBY. I spent an entire day waiting for my 11AM pickup. Joe Senehi promised over and over again to call me back. I waited several hours, I asked what was wrong, and Joe Senehi (owner?) told me some B.S. story that he was instructed to wait for me to call him. Communication is a joke to say the leaast. Then Joe Senehi told me he booked a new driver to pick up my vehicle within the hour.

    Big surprise it was yet another lie. At that point I didn’t even know if they would even show up. A whole business day went by. FLYBY never showed up, had to dispute the charge through my credit card company.

    Not only did I realize that Joe Senehi has the brain capacity of a walnut, but I also realized that he’s a sick person who thinks it’s okay to steal people’s money during hard times. I wish you the worst.

    FLYBY AUTO TRANSPORT is all a FRAUD and they will cheat you for your money. I was dealing with Joe Senehi and he seemed nice at first so I decided to give this business a chance and get auto transport from them. I’ve never been more wrong. This is why this company is a fraud and Joe Senehi is a grade-A scumbag.

    Joe Senehi Gave me the run around for weeks. I have a business to run and cannot afford to have my time wasted. FLYBY Refused to refund my money. I filed a formal complaint with the California Attorney General’s Office.

    Wasted 17 days! They stole $1,400 and never shipped my car. I essentially paid $1,400 for a rolodex of excuses. SAVE TIME AND MONEY. AVOUD DOING BUSINESS WITH THESE CRIMINALS!

    Joe Senehi is a scammer. He tricks you by sounding very professional over the phone, but he scammed me to the tune of $1,300. I called his 818 number for months trying to recover my money. All he did was pick up the phone, and immediately hung up on me. I was forced to cancel my credit card, and report the charge as fraudulent. Never give Flyby your money. I learned the hard way.

    We are a carrier that was contracted by Joe Senehi of Flyby to move a vehicle for their customer, and they never paid us $1,800 after we delivered the vehicle. CARRIERS BEWARE OF THIS BROKER!

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