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Destiny Auto Shipping

1.0 Stars out of 5

9450 nw gemini dr
beaverton , OR 97008


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1 review

    DON’T DO IT !!!!! — I inherited a car from a brother that died suddenly and need it shipped to my home. Called ‘Destiny Auto Shipping’ to transport the car from TN to CA. During the initial call they assured me they had “their own” trucks (not contracted out) and would be able to pick up and deliver promptly. They quoted me a total cost of $850 “all-in”. They agreed in writing to my specific instructions and we scheduled a pick-up. The contract required a $200 deposit which I paid using a credit card – this deposit was clearly detailed in the contract. When the driver showed up it was immediately clear they had sub-contracted the service with another company (Abraham Express from SoCal). This was the first of MANY OUTRIGHT LIES BY Destiny. As I had a very tight schedule and had already paid a deposit I had to let this go. The driver was very careful when loading the vehicle and took many pictures of the car before and after securing the vehicle to his truck (in addition to the many I took). I specifically asked the driver about the fee for transport and he confirmed it was $850 (same as Destiny quoted and on the contract). I also spoke to the driver about his schedule and he confirmed he was heading directly to their offices in SoCal so I would likely see the car delivered to me in Nor Cal within a week. The driver left and I continued to deal with my brother’s estate.

    Early the following week, now back in CA, I received a call from Abraham Express looking to schedule delivery of the vehicle. They told me I had to give $850 Cash/Money Order to the driver upon delivery. I corrected them and said the agreement with Destiny was for $850 TOTAL and I had already paid Destiny $200. I sent them a copy of the contract to confirm this. They politely said “their” fee was $850 and I should call Destiny about any contract I had with them. Further, they wouldn’t deliver the car without full cash payment of $850. I immediately called Destiny to clarify.

    Suddenly it was amazingly hard to get through to anybody at Destiny. Several calls and emails went completely ignored. I finally got hold of a guy saying he was the manager. He told me they fired the sales person I worked with due to this matter (another lie confirmed by later calls) but the company would not take any direct responsibility for the additional charges and they refused to refund any part of the $200. After nearly an hour of back and forth, they offered to give me $100 credit towards a future auto shipment – NOT BLOODY LIKELY !!!!! After hanging up I made several calls to legal sources to better understand my options. I then called Destiny back (again several more call/emails ignored) before reaching the so-called manager. This time he told me if I wanted the car I had to pay Abraham the full $850 and, if I didn’t call them and agree immediately, Abraham would begin charging me $100/day for storage. At this point he refused any consideration and told me flat out that I was welcome to sue them and take my complaints to the credit card company. I immediately called my credit card company to dispute the charge and discovered they had actually charged me $215 (instead on the contracted $200). I called back and was told this was an additional ‘credit card fee and taxes”- once again nowhere noted in their contract. After several more calls, I once again got the “too bad for you, it’s your problem” answer. I ultimately called Abraham and agreed to paying $850 for my now hostage vehicle.

    The good news is the car was in perfect condition when it arrived. The bad news is Destiny Auto Shipping is the absolute MOST DISHONEST COMPANY I have EVER Dealt with. They blatantly lied at virtually every step of the process and simply told me to pound salt if I didn’t like it.

    If you’ve taken the time to read my rant, please also take my advice and NEVER USE DESTINY AUTO SHIPPING. They operate out of two offices, one is noted in Beaverton Oregon and the other is in Miami Gardens. Florida. I would be very happy to provide more details if I can help in any way to keep others from being robbed by these thieves and scammers.

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