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Crestline Auto Transport

1.0 Stars out of 5

Crestline Auto Transport

Crestline Auto Transport is a leading company in the auto transport industry that specializes in moving vehicles safely and efficiently across the United States. The company was founded by a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about providing top-notch auto transport services to their customers.

Crestline Auto Transport understands that there are various reasons why people may need to move their cars from one state to another. It could be because of moving to a new home, a military transfer, buying or selling a car, or attending college in a different state. The company is committed to easing the stress associated with transporting a vehicle by providing reliable, convenient, and cost-effective solutions to its clients.

The company offers various auto transport options, including open and enclosed carriers, expedited shipping, and door-to-door delivery. Customers can get a free quote by calling Crestline’s customer service team or by filling out an online form on the company’s website. The company’s website provides valuable information on the auto transport process, including tips for preparing your car for shipping, insurance, and frequently asked questions.

Crestline Auto Transport stands out from its competitors by its commitment to providing excellent customer service. The company’s client-centered approach ensures that customers are kept informed throughout the entire shipping process. Crestline’s team of experts coordinates with customers to ensure that their individual needs, preferences, and schedules are met.

In conclusion, Crestline Auto Transport is a reliable and trustworthy company that offers excellent auto transport services to its customers. The company’s focus on customer service, pricing, and overall professionalism make it one of the top choices in the industry. If you’re looking for an efficient and stress-free way to transport your car across the United States, Crestline Auto Transport is definitely worth considering.

DALLAS, TX 75234

USDOT#: 2245788
MC#: MC-698686

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8 reviews

    What a headache! Initially, my car was supposed to be picked up on Friday and delivered on Saturday. Unfortunately, there was a delay and I was informed on Sunday night instead. Then, due to Sunday traffic, delivery was postponed to Monday, with an estimated arrival time of noon. However, this changed again due to a flat tire, and I was informed that delivery would be on Tuesday before 5/6pm. I understood that the driver couldn’t drive anymore due to legal restrictions on driving time, but on Tuesday at 1:20pm, the driver said he was unloading my car, which was apparently delivered to the wrong address despite me sending it through email. The driver refused to load the vehicle, so I had to take an Uber to his location just 2 miles away. While it wasn’t horrible, this experience was annoying.

    The car was damaged during transportation and the responsible party refused to take accountability. These individuals are deceitful. They presented several justifications to evade responsibility. The car’s bumper had just undergone painting a week earlier, but upon delivery, it had incurred damages worth $3200. I advise staying clear of these unethical individuals.

    Exercise restraint while dealing with this company. Despite them soliciting my business for years, I decided to give them a try, but the quote provided was based on an erroneous location. Upon realizing the mistake, they refused to honor the earlier estimate. Although one would expect that they would endeavor to provide a competitive price point, their revised quote was easily trumped by a rudimentary online search.

    This transport company is absolutely a joke. I purchased a vehicle that required transport from PA to CT, and when it arrived, it was visibly damaged (scratches on the rims). Additionally, the driver delivered the car to the wrong address. The car was in pristine condition before it was transported. To make matters worse, the vehicle was delivered in the middle of the night when I wasn’t present, causing further complications. While I wouldn’t normally take the time to write a review, I have yet to hear back from owner Alan, despite informing him of the situation three weeks ago. Despite his promise to address the issue, he has not been in contact, leaving me feeling completely ignored.

    I had to transport my Dodge Midnite express from WI to TN and Crestline offered to transport it in an enclosed trailer within a 5-day period. However, they claimed they couldn’t locate a sufficiently large enclosed trailer for a D-150. This was strange because I had previously transported the vehicle several times in a similarly sized enclosed trailer. Crestline then proposed open transport, which I was not interested in, and there was no price reduction. It felt like a bait-and-switch situation.

    Transportation was arranged for a 2019 Corvette with Crestline on 7/12/2021. Initially, the expected pickup date was 7/14/2021. However, the vehicle was not picked up on that date, and subsequent expected pickup dates were also missed. Most recently, on 7/30/2021, the pickup was delayed due to a truck malfunction. Unfortunately, Crestline has proven to be unreliable in this instance, and we will not be repeating business with them.

    I wish I could give this company zero stars because they are far from professional. They work with careless third-party companies. I hired Crestline to transport my car from Dallas to California. Initially, they took photos of my car and sent them to me. However, upon delivery, my bumper was missing and the car looked as if it had been in an accident. When I asked the driver what happened, he denied any knowledge and suggested it must have “flew off on the highway.” It makes no sense for them not to notice a flying bumper while driving for two to three days. Crestline then asked me to take the car to a body shop to assess the damage, which resulted in a $6K repair estimate. Crestline’s representative, Alan, refused to cover the costs, stating it was too much, and offered only $1K instead. I am outraged by their total lack of care and will pursue legal action against them. This all happened on 10/12/2020. I cannot stress enough, do not use this company as they will bill you for delivery and provide terrible service.

    I have contracted Crestline Auto Transport intermittently for five years, but have had persistent issues with their services. To clarify, I am a licensed dealer located in Dallas and have given them ample opportunities to improve their service. Unfortunately, less than half of the 30+ deliveries I have entrusted to them have gone smoothly. Their lack of accountability, unresponsive communication, and unexpected deliveries have caused undue frustration and financial strain. Additionally, I have found their fees to be exorbitantly high, particularly considering the quality of their service. Despite expressing numerous grievances to their customer service representatives, I have never received a satisfactory apology, discount, or compensation for their errors. Even more alarmingly, some of their drivers have left expensive vehicles at incorrect locations without proper signatures or documentation. I have outlined specific instructions for delivery in their online portal, but these instructions are repeatedly ignored. During my last interaction with the owner, he begrudgingly offered to reimburse me for several missing items, but then questioned whether or not I had actually received them. This attitude is unacceptable and exemplifies the dismissive nature of Crestline’s customer service. I can confidently say that I will never use their services again and do not recommend them to anyone seeking reliable transportation.

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