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5 reviews

    After confirming that the pick-up date and drop off date (a week in advance), which all parties confirmed and agreed to, the issues began.

    Original vehicle pick-up date missed. They arrived a day late, already behind the ball, Frank (company rep @ 347-774-4297) gave us his word and “guaranteed” the vehicle would be delivered by the date discussed.

    2 days later we were informed the car would be arriving Monday, instead of Saturday at noon. a full TWO days late!

    To make matter 10 times worse, neither Fank, nor the driver would or are answer their phone after we were informed of the car being late. completely ignoring their customers that they gave a “guarantee” to.

    Currently we have no idea where our property is at, we can’t get anyone to answer their phones, and we have no idea when we will get our vehicle delivered.

    This has to be one of the most outright disrespectful companies that show no care, or remorse for their complete lack of professionalism.

    At this very moment, vehicle almost 48 hours late, no one answering, no responses by text or email, has me wanting to potentially contact law enforcement to classify the vehicle as stolen.

    DO NOT use this service!! I would give them negative stars if I could.

      Soooo by this guy texting me ( like this very moment) I feel lile hes on some shiesty shit like hes tryin to steal me car but bis name is nick Norris

    Signed contract and gave deposit to Frank Lopez of Brookwide Inc on Oct 17th. I gave an accurate description with pics of the 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 4×4 lifted to Frank and he assured me that Denis King Llc would be picking up that night. That didn’t happen so they said Wednesday 19th but showed up 7:30 pm Tuesday night with a trailer too small and said he thought it was a Ram 1500? Then I found out that the pickup date was Thursday now but that never happened because driver was broke down AGAIN? Rescheduled for Monday 24th pickup which didn’t happen either. Mind you, I have to call them(Frank & Denis) anytime I want info on failed pickups. Denis King only returned my call ONCE to apologize but has ghosted me since and if Frank comes to me with another request for more money, I will be taking my business elsewhere. I will be updating this review with the outcome of this shipping shi* show, Very disappointed in Frank and Brookwide Inc.

      UPDATE: Long story short, my truck has been picked up and on it’s way to me 5-10 days. It was the BEST price from anyone and if it gets here in one piece, I will probably give Frank Lopez and Brookwide another chance. Sometimes, shi* happens.

    IF you want a car transported do not call Brookwide.They were supposed to pick up my car on June 1st. On June 8th I was still waiting. After numerous calls and texts, I was told lie after lie. My cars were never transported even though I signed a contract and gave them a deposit. Now paypal will have to get my deposit back. I cannot imagine a worst experience than dealing with these people.

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