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AAA Transporters

1.0 Stars out of 5

AAA Transporters website
AAA Transporters is a company that specializes in providing transportation services to individuals and businesses in need. The company boasts a team of professional drivers who are highly knowledgeable, experienced, and dedicated to providing exceptional service to each customer.

Whether you need to transport goods across the country or simply to the next town over, AAA Transporters has you covered. The company offers a wide range of transportation services, including air, sea, and land transportation, as well as storage and warehousing options for those who need extra space to store their items.

One of the things that sets AAA Transporters apart from other transportation companies is its commitment to providing personalized service. From the moment you contact the company, you’ll be assigned a dedicated transportation specialist who will work with you to determine your specific needs and develop a transportation plan that best meets those needs.

In addition to its exceptional customer service, AAA Transporters is also committed to safety. The company adheres to strict safety guidelines in order to ensure the well-being of both its drivers and its customers. All drivers undergo extensive background checks and training before they are allowed to operate any vehicles, and all vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure they are in top condition.

Another area where AAA excels is in its use of technology. The company utilizes advanced tracking and communication systems to ensure that shipments are always on schedule and that customers are kept up-to-date on the status of their shipments. This technology also allows for real-time monitoring of shipments, which minimizes the risk of theft or damage.

Overall, AAA Transporters is a reliable, trustworthy, and professional transportation company that is committed to providing exceptional service to its customers. With a team of experienced drivers, a focus on safety and technology, and a dedication to personalized service, AAA is the perfect choice for anyone in need of transportation services.

6340 SW 163RD PL
MIAMI, FL 33193

USDOT#: 2246322
MC#: MC-707308

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17 reviews

    Excellent Company, Great price, service. They have 5 stars on Transport Reviews and A+ with the BBB

    Found out the hard way that they are just a useless middleman broker that doesn’t return phone calls and hired sub contractors that damaged my car!!

    This company is a joke. Totally wasted my time. The driver showed up 3 days after my scheduled delivery only to tell me my vehicle was too big for their truck. My vehicle is standard and they knew what they were picking up so that was a lie. I contacted Chris Delany for a refund to which he cursed me out and told me off. Totally unprofessional.

    Lucky for me I used my American Express card for payment so I was able to dispute the charge and win. Avoid doing business with this company. If you fall victim to their scam you should dispute the charge as well.

    AAA is the absolute worse transporters services I ever had to use. AAA is just a middleman broker FYI. Sure it started off great. Chris Delaney told me I would his company would have my car delivered next day from Scott Air Force Base, IL to the shore. Ended up being a complete lie! I knew it would take days, yet Chris insisted it wouldn’t because he’s been working with these truckers for years.

    Days go bay and still no update from AAA. Eventually I got a hold of the trucking company. I had a better experience speaking with them instead of completely incompetent Chris Delany. Chris Delany will tell you anything to get your money. Once he has it, he hands you off to the trucking company, all communication with him ends, and you’re on your own trying to figure out why your vehicle wasn’t delivered on time.

    Bottom line.
    Chris Delany of AAA is only good at one thing. Overpromising and underdelivering.

    This company’s a complete joke, especially when they conveniently ignore your phone calls just as it’s time to ship your vehicle. Despite informing them that we had already opted for a different provider and no longer required their services, they still charged us $150, which was a far cry from the original pick-up quote of $99. We were promised a full refund in 3 days by a representative named Carlos, but that never materialized. After persistent follow-ups, we were only offered a refund of $50, and the boss was unprofessional, dismissive, and combative during our conversation. It’s clear that this company is a bunch of scammers, and it’s best to steer clear of them and choose a reputable service provider instead. It’s heartening to know that we’re not alone in distrusting them, and they deserve a rating of zero stars.

    I arranged for this company to transport my car from Queensland to Melbourne. If you’re still in the process of selecting a transportation company, my recommendation would be to save yourself the stress and go with professionals who know how to handle the job.

    My car was collected from my home in Queensland and taken to the yard on a Wednesday, where it remained untouched for the following five days. The issue wasn’t so much the delays or the fact that the transport took longer than the advertised five-day period. Instead, it was due to the complete lack of communication on the part of the company’s owner. Their dismal customer service was exasperating, and I had to ring them three to four times daily to obtain even the slightest tidbit of information. Finally, when my vehicle arrived, it appeared as if it had just traveled through a mud pit; it was repugnant. I’ve never encountered individuals who seemed to go out of their way to make things more difficult. It was indeed an educational experience.

    0 STARS! My experience with this car transport company has been disappointing. I suspect that my car has been stolen during its two-day transit from Miami to Virginia, although I understand that this is only an estimated timeframe. The main issue I have with this company is their lack of communication, as no one has called me with an update on the car’s whereabouts. When I emailed them for information, their response was that “they shall call.” After further inquiry, they promised to update me the next day, but that has passed with no word from them. Now, they are avoiding my calls and emails, and I am left with no choice but to report my car as stolen.

    $1,650 scam. Stay away!
    Contacted AAA on 03.12.18 and was quote $1,400 to move car. Over the next few day they blow up my phone to pay the full amount upfront or my car no get pick up en time. So I pay the full amount. Then when the pickup date come closer they increase amount to $1,650.

    Agree pickup date was 27TH December. Then they demand they need pick up car on 17th December or my car not get deliver in time.

    I stand my ground and told him they have to stick to agreed pickup date. Chris Delaney hang up in me. In 20th December my plan change and I requested refund to which AAA refuse. They keep 100% of my money.

    Buyer beware! This company lacks concern for customer satisfaction. After transporting my expensive car from Maryland to Florida in an open truck, I expected it to arrive in the same condition it was picked up, except for usual weather-related and transportation dirt. However, I was shocked to find my car covered in transmission fluid from the vehicles above it. The amount of fluid was so excessive that the car was even dripping it. Unfortunately, the company deemed this situation as “normal”, which I completely disagree with. The common scenario is for a shipped car to have weather-related dirt on it, not be smeared in transmission fluid. The cleanup cost me over $150 for detailing services that carefully removed all the “gunk”. I also had to scrape the fluid that collected in the gap between the hood and rubber gaskets. The company took no responsibility for their actions, and instead placed the blame on me for not choosing the best location on the open truck – front and lower levels, to avoid branches or rock damage, but not any sort of fluid spillage. Having shipped numerous cars over longer distances, I can confirm that none of them arrived in such a shoddy condition, except for some minor weather and road dirt. None of them were covered in any sort of fluid like mine was!

    Consider any other companies as this one is misleading. Despite claiming otherwise, they function as a broker, drawing from the same pool of drivers as their competition. The variance in pricing is determined by their broker fees and driver expectations. They sidestep basic questions by redirecting the conversation, such as their broker fee. Other companies have been forthcoming about fees and claim procedures. Although some of this may be par for the course in car shipping, their lack of clarity is concerning. It’s best to research other options that are transparent about their services, customer service, claims department, driver qualifications, and reputation. Ultimately, whichever broker you choose, “Sergio” will receive the same commission.

    My experience with AAA Transporters and their vehicle shipment service was beyond disappointing. Despite paying a premium price for the guarantee of on-time delivery, my car has yet to ship, and it has been four days since the scheduled pick-up date. The frustration only increased when I was informed that the car would not be shipped until the following day, adding another day to the already overdue delivery.

    The AAA Transporters representative, Michael Coote, assured me that my shipment would be taken care of, promising timely service. However, after collecting my deposit, he has been unresponsive, leaving me to seek out any updates myself.

    I am unbelievably dissatisfied with this experience and will not be using AAA Transporters for any future shipments.

    DON’T EVEN REQUEST A QUOTE FROM THEM! If you do they will blow up your phone and spam your e-mail non-stop at all hours. After midnight on a Sunday.

    I was informed that the transportation of my car from New Jersey to California would take 7-10 days, but it’s been 13 days and I’m still waiting. When I contacted them two days ago, they gave me the wrong driver’s number and instructed me to keep calling it. They could not even provide me with information on the car’s whereabouts. Furthermore, they showed no sympathy towards giving me a partial refund and provided poor and dismissive customer service. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

    AVOID THIS COMPANY. While at work today, I decided to seek a quote from them as my husband and I are relocating in a month. However, upon submitting my details on their website, I received 2 phone calls, 6 emails, and 3 texts in the span of 5-7 minutes. After unsubscribing from their email list, I instantly received another email from them. I contacted their provided number and spoke to Jason, who rudely laughed at me, and suggested not providing my contact information. Upon requesting to speak to his manager, Jason hung up on me, displaying a discourteous and unprofessional attitude. This experience has left me with no desire to waste my hard-earned money with them, as there are numerous other reputable companies available.

    Initially, Justin Parkerson was an exceptional business associate who was easily reachable. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Comex Carriers’ driver, Carlos, damaged my son’s car. The pickup was delayed by 3-4 hours on May 1, 2017, and when Carlos arrived and took pictures, my son signed off on the car’s condition. The expected arrival date was May 4 or May 5, but my son had to call the driver on Friday evening. Carlos promised the delivery would be between 10-11 pm, but he showed up at 2 am. To collect his car, my son met him in a poorly lit parking area, where he couldn’t detect that the front part of the panoramic sunroof was shattered, due to the poor lighting and dusty conditions. It wasn’t until the following morning, at 7 am, that he discovered the damage. When I contacted Carlos to report the issue, he denied taking our calls. Our attempts to contact Justin and send pictures went unacknowledged too. Eventually, we had to call the owner of Comex Carriers, who assured us he was looking into it. Sadly, he, too, disappeared after that. This was particularly infuriating because my 19-year-old marine son, who was buying his first car, was caught in the middle of this mess. When they called him at 2 am to pick up the car, he jumped out of bed, excited to get his new vehicle, only to be met with a shattered sunroof. I’m confident Carlos realized the damage he caused to the car and chose the poorly lit area for the pickup by design. I am disgusted with AAA Transporters, COMEX TRANSPORTATION LLC, and Carlos, the driver. Since they have refused to respond, I will be forced to report this to our insurance company.

    I got called by these folks to move my vehicle. They agreed to a 3 day pickup window and claimed their service included $1,500,000 insurance coverage to cover damage (which I should have seen as a red flag, nobody can offer that amount of coverage).

    So of course 3 days came and went with zero communication. After a week went by I gave up but ended up finding another carrier that could do what they promised.

    I still get e-mails from this company about moving my vehicle preaching how great they think they are. What a joke and waste of time and money.

    The customer service at this establishment is abhorrent and should not be in operation. The staff are simply incompetent and lack the necessary communication skills to earn your business. I had made clear arrangements to have my car picked up from my home, confirming the agreed day with the teller. Despite taking a day off work and staying at home to receive their call, I was disappointed to find that nobody had bothered to contact me or show up. After an hour of repeated calls to inquire about the pickup, I was informed that there was no available truck for the day. To add insult to injury, I was then told that I would need to pay extra to arrange for the pick up to take place the following day. I highly advise avoiding this service altogether, as they offer nothing of value and cannot be trusted.

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