What To Do When a Car Transport Company Won’t Refund Your Money

You book a company after they convinced you they were the best choice to move your vehicle. They charge your credit card, then the day has come to pick up your vehicle. However your vehicle never gets picked up. So you call the car transport company several times, and no one picks up the phone. You e-mail several times, and still no response. Sooner than later you realize you’ve been scammed. This is unfortunately an all too common scenario in the car transport industry.

The car transport industry has a well deserved reputation for fraud. It’s not uncommon for a shady car transport company to charge customers to move their vehicle, not move the vehicle, refuse to refund the customers money, and stop responding to calls and/or e-mails.

Lucky for you there’s a simple solution.

File a Dispute With Your Credit Card Company or Bank

If you paid by credit card, bank card, or paypal, you should dispute the charge thru your bank/credit card company/paypal. Typically you have (60) days to file a claim. Make it clear that the “service was not received,” and the charge was “unauthorized” and/or “fraudulent.” Most credit card companies will issue a temporary credit for the amount disputed right away. From there they will investigate your claim typically within 60 days. They may request more details from you should the car transport company try to fight the dispute (This is highly unlikely). More often than not you’ll just receive a letter in the mail from your credit card company stating that they decided in your favor and the matter is closed. So in general for this type of case, you’ll win your money back every time.

If you paid by check you should contact your bank or financial institution immediately, and report fraud. The sooner the better.

It only takes a few chargebacks to put a shady car transport company out of business. Dishonest companies often lose their merchant account due to fraudulent activity. Without a merchant account, they cannot charge anyone forcing them to shut down their business entirely.

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