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    Available Logistics are brokers, not truckers. Stay away from brokers and only hire actual truckers. Read my story to understand why…

    Available Logistics (aka Quicktime Movers) originally quoted me a price of $585 to move my Prius from North Florida to Central Texas. To my surprise, the final bill ended up being $850. I had no option but to pay, or else my car would not have been unloaded.

    A few months after my car was delivered, I received a call from the transportation company that transported my car. They told me that Available Logistics was attempting to sue them for not delivering my car. I had to send the transportation company an affidavit that my car was in fact delivered so that they could defend themselves from Available Logistics fraudulent claim.

    Available Logistics aka. Quicktime Movers (especially Al) are total FRAUDSTERS and LYING THIEVES.

    by James Herring
    on November 14, 2013 at 7:58 pm


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