1 review on “Quicken Auto Transport”

    I suggest you DO NOT use this company!! My initial contact with the company was wonderful. A contract was signed and I paid for their services. As the date approached for my car to be picked up I never heard from them again!!! I called everyday for 2 weeks, I sent emails, voice messages, and called the “company” numbers at least twice a day. The date for both pick up of the car and the estimated delivery date came and went and I still did not hear from them. I had to contract another company and the car was picked up within 2 days. I STILL have not heard from Quicken and am seeking the return of my money. This company rates a 0 due to not honoring their contract and not having the common courtesy to return phones calls or answer emails.

    by Terry Stewart
    on January 7, 2017 at 6:36 pm


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