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    Contracted with this outfit in Florida and they never showed up. About a week after the no-show they called and asked when they could pick up the cycle. I was already at my destination (without the cycle) and asked why they did not show up. The girl told me they had lease problems and got behind. The one thing they didn’t get behind on was charging my credit card. Fortunately it was AMEX and I got my money back. These people have absolutely no idea how to run a business.
    In fact, the whole cycle hauling industry is dubious. I received many quotes but when I asked for a commitment they changed the quote citing fuel costs, insurance, blah, blah. This was only over a two week period. No national fuel swings that I was aware of. It’s easier to ride the bike or rent a trailer.

    by Bill Kinney
    on November 23, 2013 at 12:06 am


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