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    The “agent” lied about pick-up date. I signed a contract based on what was written in the emails he had sent. Things were confused because of another less then honorable broker. Motorcycle picked by a trucking firm that did deliver the item. Net result $150 deposit lost. Absolutely no communication from them after several tries to both the original agent and their refund web site address. Their reviews indicate they have worked well with others, but not the case for me. Have I mentioned they have not communicated with me at all, they got the money, and “so long thanks for the dough!” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised – the other broker in this fiasco “Trusty Transport” has also not communicated after several attempts- they got the their money and “so long thanks for the dough” part 2. Shipper beware.

    by dan gillett
    on November 15, 2013 at 1:48 am


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