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    SCAM – DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! LIARS! I had a car that needed to be moved and the job sucked! Daniel never contacted me when I needed to speak with him and I had to keep calling waiting to speak with him and to see if we have a trucker to move my car. The owner Andy Kraus is Limey!! Andrew Kraus is rude and thinks he is so smart which he is not. I asked him how much longer will it take to move my car and his answer was I dont know…and blah blah. His wife Kathy Kraus sounds like she pops pills all day long. Asking her a question and having her answer took forever she speaks so slow and whiney. My car was never moved and I had to go with another company. Oh and they claim to not require a payment upfront which I call BS. They called to tell me they had a driver and needed my credit card to make sure the funds would be on my card really weird the same day I pulled the plug on working with them. I waited 12 days with no response from anyone! anyways that raised a red flag for me and I stopped working with them and told them they are scammers. Its funny to because when I call I either hear dogs barking or a baby crying. Capitol Auto Transport is joke and his website looks like he did it himself.

    by Andy Kraus
    on November 16, 2013 at 4:01 pm


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