One review on “Webster Relocation”

    Zero stars, avoid this company at all costs.

    Their motto is bait and switch. I was quoted a price and when the truck was dispatched it soared by thirty percent. I canceled the truck and when I tried a portion of my deposit back ( as outlined in Websters terms and conditions,) they would not refund it. Webster even fought Chase Sapphire for the $75 portion of the deposit, pathetic business practice. I gave up, $75 isn’t worth as much to me as it was to this gang of thieves.

    Nick pride is just a salesman, his hands are tied by the owner of Webster who cares for nothing other than getting your deposit .

    Run Forest, run!!!!
    In the end due to time constants and my wife’s failing Heath. I had my nephew drive the car to Florida

    by John Yuskaitis
    on December 29, 2015 at 3:04 pm


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